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    Supreme Court Rules Against NCAA Athlete Pay Limitations

    ISU could just declare that it has $5 billion in liquid funds but chooses not to do so.
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    Offered NJ Benson, 6-7, Mount Vernon, IL

    Who prepares the boilerplate language of these identical offer acceptances and commitment tweets/statements? Just plug in the name of the coach and college
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    Expansion Thoughts?

    Well, if we're making fake conferences and are apparently high on something: FOOTBALL: EAST DIVISION Illinois State Southern Illinois Indiana State Youngstown State Florida Michigan Notre Dame Ohio State WEST DIVISION North Dakota State South Dakota State South Dakota Western...
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    Ty Pence, 6-4/180, SG, St. Joseph, IL

    Brilliant economic move by the Illini to make Frazier an Assistant. Now, they don't have to pay an additional salary to a team physician.
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    Welcome Liam McChesney

    I second that. Doug Collins was a scrawny kid from a small town in southern Illinois who became the top pick in both the NBA and ABA drafts; I have no expectation that Liam will be a Bird or a Collins, but I agree that assessments should not be made until seeing him play at the college level and...
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    Goodbye Dan

    The opportunity that John Groce has been waiting for........OOPS........for which John Groce has been waiting.
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    Former Redbirds...

    My recollection as well, Sarge. i was driving down for the start of the tournament when I heard that Larkio had been dismissed. The story was that when the regular season ended, he told Stallings that he did not plan to return the following season, and Stallings decided to expedite his...
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    Welcome Liam McChesney

    I'll be interested to see if the addition of Liam and 6'-11" Ryan Schmitt changes our look on the floor.
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    Welcome Liam McChesney

    Some kid from French Lick, Indiana probably had not faced high quality comoetition prior to being signed by Big10's Indiana University.
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    Cameron Liggins, 6-2, PG, Springfield, MO

    I'm no expert, but from that verbalcommits page he might benefit from putting some weight on.
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    Teams opting out

    So.......are posters who have been criticizing Muller for not being able to land high quality recruits now going to concede that his tactic is ingenious?
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    Committed Elsewhere (Xfer) Konstantin Dotsenko, 6'7/210, F, Tarleton State

    No big loss. What would we do with a guy who makes 87% of his FTs? I'm surprised we had any interest at all.
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    Brian Reese

    You're understating the quality of the insight; there was also a "seems like."
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    Letter to the AD

    Intended constructive criticism: Really not going to be influential to combine an opening "Welcome to the Redbird family" letter with a threat that you'll stop attending ISU games if the new A.D. doesn't fire the head basketball coach. A "Welcome to ISU" letter/e-mail might be warmly received...
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