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Jul 26, 2017
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The discussion of Carson Camp entering the portal on another thread prompted me to take a look at the current Redbird roster. This is what they have for QB right now:

Zach Annexstad - The starter unless the portal brings magic to Hancock - Annexstad was 162 of 258 passing for 1691 yards, 11 TDs, and 7 INTs. Rushing he had 89 yards in 57 attempts and 4 TDs.

Tommy Rittenhouse - This year's QB#2 that starts the last few games due to an injury to the starter...does he do a Waring next year and get moved to WR? His stats, which amount to just a handful of games this year are 30 of 57 passing for 242 yards, 0 TDs, and 2 INTs. Rushing he has 97 yards in 28 attempts and 3 TDs.

Timothy Dorsey - RS Freshman - No Stats

Jimmy Makuh - Freshman - No Stats

That is it on the roster with Warning in the portal. Annexstad had a pretty good year I think, particularly when you factor in he lost the top running back and the next man up was hurt most of the year. If the O-line gets some help (portal for immediate impact) and the WR corps gets a game changer he could really impress.
Is Rittenhouse the #2? Did Tommy show enough this year that the staff is comfortable with him as the backup to Annestad next year? Does the team need an upgrade? Does either Dorsey or Makuh make an impact next season? Not much to work with on them. There is not much, if any, field time for either of them. No doubt a QB will be recruited out of High School but the track record there is pretty bad, really closer to abysmal. In any event, it is very unlikely a true freshman QB will be the starter.

So what does everyone think? Are we solid going into next season with Zack and Tommy as the #1 and #2? Does anyone know anything about Dorsey or Makuh? Can either one challenge the top two? Do the Birds need to dive into the portal for QB#2? Maybe a possible QB#1?

I don't know anything about either Dorsey or Makuh. Rittenhouse looked okay in a limited offense. He runs well but passing I don't think we saw enough to know.
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