NCAA 1X Transfer Vote January 2021


Aug 10, 2019
Will this benefit the Players or Teams ? Opinion ? I think this will benefit some teams who are in need of certain players to fill needed positions. This will also make or break some teams who stock pile kids at certain positions where those kids never get PT know they can play sitting for 3yrs behind another kid because coaching staff does not use the #2 kid etc. Starting to see 4/5 star kids transfer back to their home state which due to cover they can play without sitting a year. So this new rule is pass even 1/2 star kids will transfer know they don't have to sit a year especially if they know they have a shot at getting PT at a new school. Even if they don't cycle in the new school they have nothing to lose. NCAA to vote on one-time transfer eligibility exemption: Sources


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Jul 17, 2017
I was on fence about notion of letting players transfer at all without sitting out a year. But over time, Ive come off that fence. So I like the free mulligan rule .. transfer one time for any reason.
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