@Eastern Illinois


Jul 18, 2017
Kotov is fascinating to me, after his first season I was told he had problems with Dan and would be transferring. That never materialized and then he sat on the bench ALL of last season and never appeared in a game even once. Pedon takes over and now he is actually getting 5-10 minutes a game? I thought I had heard the reason he stayed was because nobody else in the country was really looking for a player like him and obliviously going back to Russia in the past few years wasn’t a smart move either given everything going on over there.

That being said, as it relates to this year’s team his minutes would be better served going to Schmdit/Sissouku once he gets healthy. He just constantly takes himself out of plays, doesn’t get back on defense, and doesn’t contribute anything we can’t get from somebody else.
Schmidt is not good, way too timid of a player, way too slow on defense and his highest achievement thus far this year is most fouls per minutes played.
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