2020-21 Season with no fans

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Jul 17, 2017
Could this be a 9th place team? Absolutely if.......

we continue to kick the ball around with so many unforced turnovers.
we don't have a back to the basket guy in the middle.
we don't have a leader, a glue guy to calm the team in tight situations.
we play the same kind of D we have in past 3 seasons.

I remain a glass half full guy and keep hope this is the season it kicks in for Muller to appreciate/value
possessions, mixing in zone with man D and developing multiple players in short term. Example - last years
Boyd was a guy who could contribute in a very positive fashion to the offense. Enable him to dribble and hit jumpers
vs. a stationary 3 pt shooter. He's a kid who may never be able to play man to man D but you can hide him in a matchup

Realistically, I'm pretty sure we're a bottom half team especially due to so many new faces who must contribute to fill in the
I agree on Boyd, and I disagree on Boyd. If he's the key to our offensive woes, we've already lost. Boyd has to learn to at least not be a hole in our defense. He is a volume scorer, meaning he'll put up points so long as he puts up lots of shots. He has to be willing to give up early if he's not hitting his shots, and look to distribute instead. Is he willing to do that? So long as he a hole in the D, putting up points by sheer shooting volume will not help us win games.

This team must have consistency from Horne, Reeves, and Fisher. Those were our 3 guys receiving honors from last year. They must build on those. At this point, I would say Strong has a clearer history for hitting his shots with consistency. I can only hope he continues. And Abdou must protect the rim. Beyond that . . . this team is too unknown.
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