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What the F is your problem, guy? Sorry I'm nostalgic about old school ISU hoops. Why you gotta be a dick in public about it?
Saw your post about Roger Powell Jr. I'm going to see Gonzaga play at San Diego on December 30th. I won't share anything about this on the main board though. Curious, do we know each other? I'm pretty sure we're friends as I knew a friend with this or a similar screen name from years ago but wanted to confirm first.
Ah, cool, different RedBirdSox fan that I know named George. I've appreciated your posts on here. I was named after Doug Collins, my dad and him went to school together and I grew up going to Doug's camps in the summer and am friends with Chris. I went to ISU back in the 90s and have a lot of friends that played football and basketball at ISU back then, many of which I still keep in contact with.
If Kyle Brennan decides to move in a new direction after this season, Roger would be an incredible hire for many reasons.
Thanks Doug. Have enjoyed reading your posts throughout the years. Unfortunately many good board members have stopped posting due to the direction a few posters have taken it.

Roger Powell Jr for Basketball
Kenni Burns for Football
Clearly, the only team that could possibly beat Baylor is a team capable of scoring 177 in a single game.
So I can’t see either of the INSU game threads and my background is black instead of white when logged in. do you have any idea what issue might be?
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