Racial slurs used against one of our own


Feb 13, 2018
BF states others "earn the label of Hamdonger" and continues to use it as a term of demeaning against a fellow poster's name of Humdinger. Calling him names, making fun of his name, and not in an endearing manner either. Clearly Humdinger felt he was attacked by BF's demeaning and passive aggressive post hiding under the, "I am more educated than thou" posting style. BF just could not let it go and felt that he had to add it again.

I know BF will not see this post, as his religious belief in peered reviewed, esteemed, journals, which he believes are never wrong and appeals to them, were having to retract Covid articles (because those were wrong) a day after he was touting them over the boots on the ground reporting. So what does he do, puts me on ignore.

I do believe BirdFriend has attacked several members of this board. Calling them names, and labeling people with names that are demeaning. While I have had disagreements with people, I have never, never done anything like that to others as I still give them respect for a differing conclusion. I hope you find your peace one day before you are 6 feet below in a box. Even after you or anyone else here is gone, the sky will still be blue and the grass will still be green, and no one will remember our names.

I have no idea why Quin let this thread go on. Should have just deleted this thread, I know I asked for it several times.


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Jul 21, 2017
I remember being called white shaq when i dunked on rec league kids in college. Somehow i didnt get offended.


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Jul 20, 2017
I used to get called 'hacksaw' Reynolds, because that was my last name and I was a hack..


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Jul 17, 2017
If you are in a position of power/advantage (i.e. being "White" in America, or male), it is best to not tell people of color (or women) how to feel about being stereotyped based on these labels people in power find amusing.

Justice Ruth Ginsburg just died ... appreciate for one minute what she went thru and how much she accomplished for women and people of color in her lifetime.

While the whole Linsanity thing in and of itself was probably mostly a positive thing for Jeremy Lin, I will bet you he got sick of it all after awhile. And while it came off as a positive, this does not give White people (like me) the right to look at someone of color and stereotype them with such a simplistic label, based 100% on the color of their skin .. and not even their nationality.

The point ... stop looking at people simply based on the color of their skin or gender or sexual preference or handicap, etc. You don't get to label someone who has been disadvantaged because of being that person and then tell them how they should feel about those labels.

The other point ... stop acting like discrimination isn't alive and well in America. Recent times should make that abundantly clear. If you don't get or agree with this, then I'm talking directly to you.
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