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  1. crazzymark

    Valley players entering the portal

    We got Mr Indiana basketball but he's going to leave after next year at you as a great season and you guys are going to support him and love him and tell him how great he is playing at some great University other than Illinois state
  2. crazzymark

    Mr Indiana

    Great job! Can't wait to see all the positive post you're going to get after you transfer in the portal out of Illinois state after having a great freshman or sophomore season and everyone will tell you how great you are. Because you are way too good to be playing at Illinois state university.
  3. crazzymark

    2023-24 Non-Conference Wish List:

    Any team with only 12 wins or less so at least at conference time we have a winner record.
  4. crazzymark

    Reeves and Horne

    And I don't care.. just embolding more players to leave when they get good.
  5. crazzymark

    Redbirds win the MIC

    Congratulations to the ISU Gymnastics program for winning the MIC!,🥇🏆
  6. crazzymark

    NIT matchup at Mizzou

    Thank you for a great season and a team to cheer for. Hope the coach and players all the best in the future, you will all be missed but you rocked Redbird Arena this season. The MVC regular season Champions will be something you will always cherish. Go you damn Redbirds and thank you for winning...
  7. crazzymark

    Michigan State job...

    She leaves, most players will go as well. So the woman's are going to be as bad as the men's team is. For joy. So you are saying ISU can't keep a good coach and will always live in the "real" programs shadow. Is that correct? No wonder most of you don't want ISU to move up to a "real"...
  8. crazzymark

    Great job Lady Redbirds!

    Well it was a great season. Regular MVC season champions. Congratulations for being selected to the WNIT according to the WNIT Twitter account.
  9. crazzymark

    Let the portal begin

    Good bye ,7 players
  10. crazzymark

    Great job Lady Redbirds!

    Thank you for a great season and see you in the WNIT!
  11. crazzymark

    Illinois state Missouri valley conference women champions

    Congratulations to the women's basketball program way to go. Go you damn Redbirds and win this game
  12. crazzymark

    vs Northern Iowa - 3/2/2023 - 12:00 PM - MVC TV (BSIN/BSKC/BSMW/BSS/BSSE/NBCSCH)

    A unitard is a full body men's gymnastics uniform or a woman's full body garment
  13. crazzymark

    Let's talk about focus

    When Illinois State hired coach Robinson, and focus was to take the program from division 2 to a division 1 program. With that in mind he recruited the collins, as well as three high school Americans also to the squad. To the next level they hired coach Smithson to take it to the next...
  14. crazzymark

    MVC awards

    No Illinois State player deserve any kind of accolades whatsoever. Mostly after the six transfers are happening after the tournament game
  15. crazzymark

    recruiting difficulty

    Have you? I sure watching games with my mom would drop me off to watch in 73 74 75 and 77 78 season ticket for 1980 to 86 and watch games 87 to 88 and then came back for games probably 20 games between 1988 and 2008 and live in Florida
  16. crazzymark

    recruiting difficulty

    Hahahahahahahaha I asked you can only say can never compete with anybody like Creighton or can't compete with Butler cannot compete with Wichita State cannot compete with Tulsa because we don't play in a high level League we are playing in a playing League LOL
  17. crazzymark

    recruiting difficulty

    Blah blah blah. The second game will be the worst defeat ever for a first round Missouri la team ever. Then five players of transfer out being five players transfer in. Just let the other sports teams move on because they deserve to move to bigger conference and downgrade the basketball team...
  18. crazzymark

    recruiting difficulty

    So according to Manchester matt, only fiction of Illinois State basketball is to have people waste money on scholarships and people watch a mediocre team and they should actually go back and play in Horton field house and tear down Redbird arena
  19. crazzymark

    recruiting difficulty

    In real NCAA programs the ideal possibility is to win and NCAA championship what plant were you born on?
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