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    I think they should have Anti T-Shirt night. Trade in a cheap T Shirt and you get to sit behind the visitors bench and scorer's table and be on TV. It should be on one of the games being carried on TV, not on ESPN3. If you paint or shave a letter on your chest bonus to move front and center...
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    You should be upgraded to behind the bench for free and the empty seats should be off camera. The empty seats behind the bench and scorer's table are terrible if your trying to display a product. And that's what basketball is, it's a product that ultimately should be earning revenue so that...
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    That is a very on point article. I like how he didn't just point to the students, but the season ticket holders who would be better suited to watch the game on TV at home because they brought nothing to the game either. They should be showing the tradition, not the students who are just coming...
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    at Northern Iowa - 01/18/2023 - 7:00 PM - ESPN+

    Who are these guys who keep getting it wrong.
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    IHSA football finals returning to Hancock?

    Maybe the extra revenue generated will help towards some donations from the city to finish the other side. Not saying it will fund the whole thing, but you know every penny helps.
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    Belmont - 12/4/2022 - 1:00 PM - MVC TV (BSIN/BSKC/BSMW/BSS/BSSE/NBCSCH)

    They need to move the student section again. Forget putting it at the ends. Look what Loyola did. They put it opposite the benches. They moved the TV Cameras to the other side, so you see the back of the bench and it's constant students on TV when they are bringing the ball up. So they are...
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    Creighton University

    Scientology, aliens will come and save us all or what ever crap they talk about and Tom Cruise will jump out of an airplane onto the tarp on top of RBA and repel from the ceiling to his courtside couch every game.
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    vs Western Kentucky - 11/22/2022 - 10:00 AM - FloHoops

    76-62 them, just under 2 min. Rhode Island better be ready for us.
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    First Game vs WIU

    Another reason to dislike this state and the people involved in running it (both parties). What a stupid rule that you can't bet on a team in your state via the apps. You have to go to the casino to place the bet. That's so dumb.
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    EIU Mid-America Classic

    The guy who calculated that over, was damn near right on.
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    OT: Former Players

    Practice squad players make $11,500 per week or $207,000 for 18 weeks. Veteran players with over two years of experience will make a minimum of $15,400 per week or $277,200 for 18 weeks, and a maximum of $19,900 per week or $358,200. That was what I could find on the web. So somewhere 15,400 -...
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    Kevin Stallings sighting

    I think it was Against All Odds that he would choose ISU for his future schooling.
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    Roan to Retire

    If your lucky enough to have watched this guy over the years on WGN, you know he's always done his best to mention the 'Harvard of the Midwest' when they allow him to sneak that in. Been a great representative of how far a start on TV-10 will take you...
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    Please Stop Petty Arguments

    I thought Elvis was the King. Thank You, Thank You very much.
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    Started out fast. But their size took over. Thought they played well, wish a few more shots would have sunk in. But it is what it is. Hopefully this gains us some exposure and maybe a couple of recruits to continue to build.
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    Poll: How far do you want Ohio State to go in the NCAA Tournament?

    Nice to see them achieve a record for points scored in a game on their way out the door. They can take their 41 fans they bring to the conference tournament and their harry potter scarfs to their uppity north side trash bars. Bring us the real fans from Murry State and their home made moonshine.
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    MVC tourney predictions

    Was Dan on the sideline and Jacobson doing TV?
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    Who is our next head coach

    I'm thinking Rick Pitino. Kappa is hurting for business and we are a step up from Iona, right? Just think of all the recruits that will sign with us, when he presents 'Cookies' & 'Milk' on their visit to Normal. ;)
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    Who is our next head coach

    Barry Hinson.
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    at Southern Illinois - 02/23/2022 - 7:00 PM - ESPN+

    No we have a home game this weekend we could come out and crap the bed at.
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