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    Wisconsin predictions

    Birds 24 Badgers 21 Book it!
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    Championship Game

    They're going dancing!!!
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    UTA to WAC

    University of Texas at Arlington is joining the Western Athletic Conference. We no longer have to worry about them joining the Valley.
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    Two free tickets against Butler (Section 107)

    Hello everyone. I have two tickets to tomorrow's football game against Butler in Section 107 that I can't use. They are available for free to the first person to send me a PM. I will transfer them to you electronically. Go Redbirds!
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    @Illinois game

    Gutless Cowards!!! The Big Ten knew that Papa Smurf and the crew in Champaign didn't want to face the Birds. 😁
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    Two free tickets to ISU vs NDSU (Tentative)

    Tentative if I am still able to transfer them to you via ISU's ticket system. I'm unsure of the deadline . Hey everyone, I know that this is last minute but I have two tickets to today's game in Sec 107 that I won't be able to use. They are free to the first person that responds to this post.
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    Ticket Swap (2 games for 1)

    Hello everyone, I know this is late notice but I am looking to see if anyone is interested in swapping tickets for a game this season in Sec 107. I would like to swap my season tickets to the Butler (2 tix) and Indy State game (2 tix) for a game later in the season. The seats are in Sec 107...
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