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    Offered Cole Certa, 6-4, SG, Bloomington Central Catholic

    U gotta believe Pedon will full court press him with his genuine approach. I’d imagine he paints a picture of Johnny K, Cole handling shooting guard role and Pence at the 3. And I’d guess Pedon’s nature is to include Cole in on many events and building camaraderie with roster - that’s an...
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    Committed Ty Pence, 6-4/180, SG, St. Joseph, IL

    Guys, Pedon won’t get get surprised by the ugliness of recruiting - if anything he’s probably got a staff member tucking his 3 baby birds in at night.
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    Walter Offutt

    I believe some have misinterpreted Birdswin.. a great fan just saying we need Offutt back to add Value
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    Committed Chase Walker, 6-8, PF, Columbus, OH

    I’m glad we got this young man!
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    at Illinois-Chicago - 12/28/2022 - 7:00 PM - ESPN+

    Ups and mostly downs.......Sissoko has been a fine addition to our team. He played with energy the entire game. Luke sure gave us a spark in that stretch drive to get close. And when we get in desperation mode I'm always quick to want to give the ball to Burford and simply let him GO...
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    Committed Ty Pence, 6-4/180, SG, St. Joseph, IL

    Dan - I’d say he’s close to being a legit 6’6.
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    at Illinois-Chicago - 12/28/2022 - 7:00 PM - ESPN+

    Pops - do you think we'll see McCheese start or will we stick with Sissouko? Mal has been playing so steady and has been a True Key to our success. And last Question - if you're a P5 guy and stuck at the end of the bench, how soon can the communication begin between a school and the...
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    Chicago State - 12/19/2022 - 7:00 PM - ESPN+

    Yo Sarge, Mc Cheese first name is Liam……too much Arizona sun Bro 😎 Fast break and entry Lobs to paint have consistently been poor/mediocre all season - lobs have led to turnovers and it’s a teaching moment Coach Pedon!! Love r grit and buyin from Team. These guys r a FUN watch!
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    vs Ball State - 12/17/2022 - 2:30 PM - ESPN+

    Hey Pops - forgot my man Burford. I believe he's best athlete on the floor. Gotta let him go and use his speed to create. I think Pedon and him are on the same page with his role so all good moving forward with Burford. What I didn't speak to was D and Rebounding as it's not just about...
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    vs Ball State - 12/17/2022 - 2:30 PM - ESPN+

    12 games in and I here's what I believe we have in our Beloved Birds - Mal P. - steady guy who can shoot. Not a dynamic PG/assist guy but the best guy we have to hold onto the ball when directing an offense I guess. Sandage - heart and soul of Team. Can't b put in spot of PG when the D gets...
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    vs Ball State - 12/17/2022 - 2:30 PM - ESPN+

    When I visited with H and Cheese preseason, I told H I bet that Pedon had plans for him to fill r Void as the Junkyard Dog and do the dirty work; he laughed and said that’s exactly what the staff had told him his important role would b. Pedon is genuine with these guys - he’s sold Lewis on...
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    Committed John Kinziger, 5-10, PG, De Pere, WI

    One Big Difference I’d imagine- Nic was always alone at Bird events, never sat with his team. Pedon doesn’t recruit INDIVIDUALS and wont stand for that.
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    Northwestern State - 11/17/2022 - 7:00 PM - ESPN+

    I believe a key will be Burford staying on the floor, distributing through his assertive drives in the lane - r shooters should be aware of kick outs for open J's. We've gotta b stronger with the ball in response to their pressure D. I expect Kendall to continue to board and lead the way on...
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    Kendall Lewis MVC player of the week

    Agree DoubleD -he said last spring he couldn't wait for the opp to coach him. KL seems to have taken the role of Team Leader to heart. Pedon has kept him in the lane for those boards whereas he's not floating around the perimeter like last season. Sure glad Lewis decided to stay at Redbird...
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    at Northwestern State - 11/12/2022 - 7:00 PM - ESPN+

    Everybody is seeing the same thing here. Burford must play the PG and be on the floor. Kasubke too needs to be on the floor but not running the offense; but give the young man credit he's the next best we got when Burford gets scolded for Tech's. Lewis desperately needs help. Joe and Liam...
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    @Eastern Illinois

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    @Eastern Illinois

    I'm not sure how much upside we have offensively in Seneca - he likes to drive and has trouble finishing. He's not one to pull up for short J's and doesn't seem to be a natural 3 pt shooter. Fortunately Kasubke looks to fill a void at the wing spot and he's got some savvy. We knew going in...
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    First Game vs WIU

    How DISAPPOINTING! Didn't sleep well after that one - can only imagine how the staff muddled that one over trying to get some shut eye. Pedon/staff had done a wonderful job in building some goodwill in community during off-season and just hate it we didn't deliver an Impressive W for the...
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    Wooster (Exhibition)

    Also - Kasubke appears to be a high IQ type on the floor. As stated before, he seems to b a nice all round guy who will give us quality minutes.
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    Wooster (Exhibition)

    It was a good showing. Burford has jets and Poindexter has got some muscular legs. Liked what Sarge said about Sandage not looking the part of an athlete.......isn't that the beauty of the kid - he's just a ball player and a tough kid. For the no shows, he's pure at shootin the rock. Heck...
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