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    Recruiting needs - offense

    Better recruit the OC to stay for another year!
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    vs Rhode Island - 11/23/2022 - 10:00 AM - FloHoops

    Lost a lot of rebounds with Chatam and Fleming gone and the only true post player.
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    Missing VB players

    The silver lining to this season was the freshman played a lot and put up decent numbers. Tuff for the seniors, but too many injuries including career ending was the biggest foe for thr Birds.
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    Creighton University

    Shockers not so much!
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    vs Western Kentucky - 11/22/2022 - 10:00 AM - FloHoops

    Until we can consistently have scoring threat in the offensive board scores or a post presence, we are a one dimensional offense. Live with the 3 die with the 3. No where to hide in the Valley schedule.
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    Lady Birds beat Wisconsin

    Be interesting how physical Valley teams play to disrupt Robinson's offense. I know Coach wanted to add some physicality to the team this year to help when playing against the Iowas in post season play.
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    Northwestern State - 11/17/2022 - 7:00 PM - ESPN+

    Have they made it to town yet 😅
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    So is Jack W physically unable to play. Not that you are going to win, but he showed promise last year with the pass. Pass coverage is not allowing downfield or middle of the field throws. Defense got absolutely no help today!
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    @Eastern Illinois

    Is Sissoka healthy yet? He could give us more physical presence in the paint on D.
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    @Eastern Illinois

    Second half soft defense in the paint. Lots of dunks in our face. Right guys late at ft line. Andrews and Ryan will have to defend in the paint when Valley starts or we are going to get killed.
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    Is Zack even going to be available?
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    Think he gets another year with finally an indoor practice facility. Also an older roster and year experience using the transfer portal. Save buyout money and pay the OC to stick around another year.
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    Youngstown St.

    Tommy is not very big. Can't run him too much. There were no holes up the middle. Too many guys out on offense to make that extra play. Hard to believe your best receiver is a former walkon that got no offers from DivII schools. He actually blocks well and gets yards after the catch. With Taula...
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    Youngstown St.

    Am sure they are not paying much for the broadcast.
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    Youngstown St.

    80 yards against the wind in 65 seconds!
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    Youngstown St.

    One more first down and the game would have been over!
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    Youngstown St.

    Handoffs have not been very smooth. Think I would Lampkin more.
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    Youngstown St.

    Enjoyed watching fans in the stands and missing the QB touchdown. How the hell do u not even have the replay?
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    Dugout Club

    Today on goredbird it was announced that the building of the hitting facility will begin this month and completed by spring baseball. The lead donor is Alum Delong. This should help pick up a few more wins on the early pre-conference convoys to the south.
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    We have a good offensive coordinator that is massaging the play calling with the talent on the field. Down to ur 3rd and 4th RBs running behind a challenged line. Its not like the Bison don"t have some NFL talent on defense. We will be lucky to keep Peterson here for another year.
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