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    Creighton University

    some talk or possibly drivel, according to some alums who donate, that Drake is/has been looking to alternatives to the mvc. a10 is a wish but not so certain a10 wants drake.
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    that gave me a chuckle .... next time Mark reference shoveling snow or deer hunting as the leaves are long gone in brookings come mid-november
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    i suggest you embrace the technology...once you get it figured out i believe you will realize how much more work paper tickets are vs e-tickets. it will be much easier and faster distributing tickets to others such as your son. good luck!
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    ISU Enrollment

    do you really believe the student body is that much academically stronger than in the past just because average student gpa is higher? High School Grade Inflation Is A Problem...
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    Valpo Home Opener

    Old Spack needs to be wearing a non-ISU shirt, period. Time to move on, IMO.....program is stale and going in wrong direction. Rough start to this season. PLease, we don't need another long bus ride to complete irrelevancy in another sport aka what Muller did with the bball program. Our new...
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    Reeves in transfer portal, Birds need to get busy.

    The deal from strong sources in Chicago, as well as same info from a D1 coach, is that Reeves supposedly sold/bargained NIL rights for 200K plus a porsche.
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    Porter to Oklahoma

    Yep, if not Valentine than Mullins a strong candidate.
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    Porter to Oklahoma

    With Porter moving on look for some potential coaching change domino effect on another MVC program. One program that could be impacted is pretty obvious, IMO.
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    Offered/Committed Elsewhere Connor Kochera, 6-4, SF, Arlington Heights, IL

    Kid is so fortunate to have William and Mary option. One of the top public universities in America for academics, connected alumni and beautiful campus. Absolute no brainer to choose William and Mary hoops over ISU hoops, IMO.
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    Offered/Committed Elsewhere D J Steward, 6-1/150, PG, Oak Park, IL

    ISU offered and that was about it. Illinois/DePaul via various coaches have been working the relationship side since DJ was a frosh at Fenwick and also while playing in the summer for MeanStreets. Not judging ISU just informing that some other in state schools are much much deeper and farther...
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    Offered/Committed Elsewhere D J Steward, 6-1/150, PG, Oak Park, IL

    Illinois State, though offered fairly early, did not have coaching staff meeting and sniffing around as early as others such as Illinois and DePaul. Chin Coleman has been heavy and around Steward since his arrival at Illinois. This kid is definitely going to play in a big time conference...
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    Offered/Committed Elsewhere 2019 - Indrek Sunelik, 6-7, Wing, The Nation

    “if he is not a late addition to someone’s 2019 class”? ... this situation screams non-academic qualifier
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    Offered/Committed Elsewhere D J Steward, 6-1/150, PG, Oak Park, IL

    According to that list second to last. DJ is a good kid and decent student. I have forgiven him for transferring from Fenwick to Whitney Young although Slaughter owes me a steak dinner. He played well at the peach jam even though meanstreets went 1-4.
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    2019 Interest - based on tweets and follows

    . Curie couldn’t even make the floor on the practice squad team...that is a serious comment and not a joke. That was no loss on the transfer. The good news for the badgers is they have experienced guards returning and the bad news is they have experienced guards returning that are not going to...
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    2019 Interest - based on tweets and follows

    . I had not read your post until this am and I heard the same EXACT comment last night at dinner about the hausers. Reeves ending up in the BIG would be a nice schollie for him. Reeves family is waiting and hoping all the chips fall their way and he gets a badger’s offer. I hope I am wrong...
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    2019 Interest - based on tweets and follows

    That miss does not sting as it is pretty hard for ISU to beat out buffalo, IMO. Please tell me that he took Reeves schollie spot otherwise we/the MVC highly likely to miss out on Reeves too.
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    Committed Antonio Reeves, 6-3, SG, Chicago Simeon

    Looks like the competition for Reeves just a got a whole lot tougher.
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    Committed Antonio Reeves, 6-3, SG, Chicago Simeon

    As mentioned in another thread the longer the sound of silence the least likely he is to land at either ISU or SIU. Have heard, but not confirmed, Reeves is playing ball in the exposure tournaments trying to gain other scholarship offers during this ncaa live period. I am guessing that SIU or...
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    Offered/Committed Elsewhere Kolton Mitchell, 6’4” PG

    Don't be greedy....according to Adunk33 we get to pick which one we want vs the players picking if they want ISU.
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    Committed **SIGNED PWO** Malcolm Miller

    no scholarship but player/staff may feel the player has the ability to work their way into a scholarship. A lot of the PWOs are true love of the game kids with the plan of working hard , enjoying the process, sitting courtside as a spectator in nearly every game as well as hoping that they...
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