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    Playoffs? PLAYOFFS?! We're talking about PLAYOFFS?!

    Okay, hear me out. Even though the team is still in kind of this strange rebuilding mode, ISU has put itself in a spot to potentially go into the Fargo Dome at 5-2 with one of those losses being at Wisconsin. It is logical to think ISU will get mashed by both SD State and ND State later this...
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    J-Rob vs Urban: The Battle of ISU football past

    Anyone else following this nonsense happening in Jacksonville? J-Rob fumbled on sunday and sat out more than half the game. The prodigy, Trevor Lawrence, has come to his defense, calling him one of the best players on the team and saying they need him on the field to compete. Urban...
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    Supreme Court Rules Against NCAA Athlete Pay Limitations

    So, this, while being the right thing from a human perspective, is going to be an absolute disaster for small schools trying to keep on par with billion dollar athletic programs. Per the Supreme Court today (9-0), NCAA scholarship athletes can receive tens of thousands of dollars in...
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    Practice in sub zero cold

    So we all know that conversation about an indoor facility is ongoing, most recently settling on a bubble- which i think is great. But recent pictures and reports are that our boys are practicing outdoors in this recent polar vortex. What... what on earth? Someone please tell me we are at...
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    James O'Shaughnessy JOS is having himself a solid couple of games and is becoming Gardner Minshew's go-to red zone target. This play was designed specifically for James, so that tells you he is an important part of...
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    Free ticket for tonight

    Had a guy bail. Who wants it?
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    Cam cut by Saints (ESPN front page) I think they were being really nice to him here. After his injury setback, they went after some strong WR help and got it. Based on the timing here, I expect that Cam will be picked up by someone this year.
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    So how are we feeling now?

    After what I have to say is among the most incredible three weeks in recent offseason program history, the lineup, staff and overall program looks suddenly, potentially very solid. Let's review: 5/1- Muller fills vacant assistant coaching opening with University of North Dakota HC, Brian...
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    Zion Williamson just changed everything for everyone

    Let me start by saying this. I love Zion Williamson. He is a LeBron/Shaq/Pippen hybrid that is what a scientist would put together if they could grow a perfect basketball player in a lab in 2019. Further, he just loves the game. As we all saw, the kid was too athletic for his Nikes the...
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    So, question: Is Will Tinsley hurt? Why has he racked up a total of 5 min in the last 2 games while Matt Hein has been on the floor for 39? The kid can hit from distance, has length to defend and has been able to play off the ball pretty well. He had 2 or 3 games last year where he...
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    Mark Adams going to war for Mid Majors

    He has consulted analysts and come up with a way to break the system of the power 6 getting 80% of the At Large spots. In the end, it wont matter because the selection committee will just change the...
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    Sports Betting and College Athletics

    I think it is important to start a discussion about how the NCAA and schools are going to handle the new Supreme Court ban-lifting of sports betting across the country. While I don't think the pro ranks will be affected much, this might become the absolute wild west when it comes to college...
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    MANY more roster spots for ISU/FCS players Along with the XFL, The Embersol brothers are starting another league, the Alliance of American Football. It will have 50 man rosters taken directly from those cut from NFL camps and rosters. Looks...
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    24 Hrs Later

    Well, I let it breathe for 24 hours and took a step back. 1- I'm incredibly proud of this team. Overacheived to, I'd say, 6 more wins than they probably should have been expected to have given the injuries and the loss of FIVE starter level players. 2- I am incredibly disappionted in our...
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    #3 Illinois State vs #2 SIU

    Welcome back to Saturday of Arch Madness. Game's at 5. Who ya got?
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    Thursday Games

    So, MoSt put up about 40 in the first half on Valpo. I know it is Valpo and they are... well, bad, but I'm starting to think the Bears can knock off the Ramblers tomorrow. On that note, i also think the Panthers can (and will) beat the Salukis. Thoughts on this?
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    Kudos to Dan Muller

    With the 16th win of the season yesterday, Dan Muller has locked a winning record for the 6th straight year as ISU's head coach. I know it seems like a downer, going from nearly twice as many wins last season (in the end), but I think going 6 straight years, through player turnover...
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    Evans update?

    I noticed he was taped and iced,but standing and walking in the second half yesterday. We have any update on his condition as of yet? As our only consistent deep threat, this is going to be chiefly important if we are going to make a run at this thing.
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    Biggest RPI jump of the week

    According to RealTimeRPI, ISU just made one of the largest, if not the largest jump of the week. So, not that I want to get gears rolling, because I don't, but ISU's RPI went up an astonishing 23 spots since last night. ISU now at 85- Second in the Valley to Loyola's 51. Also, shout out...
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    Having fun yet?

    So, in a year that was, without so much as saying so, a "rebuilding year" (Especially with Romine's issues and Copeland being ineligible), Muller has found a way to potentially have THREE contenders for first team all MVC on the floor at the same time and at least one player that will be getting...
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