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    @Eastern Illinois

    I enjoyed this trip to Lantz Arena and had a blast. It was a lively crowd and the arena held in and amplified the sound. Met some parents and other fans. Everyone was great. It was a good memory.
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    @Eastern Illinois

    Awesome. I’ll be on the lookout for a Matt Hein jersey!
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    @Eastern Illinois

    Anyone else heading down to Charleston? Doesn't look like EIU has an online ticket buying mechanism for MBB, so it'll be buying them at Lantz Arena.
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    @Eastern Illinois

    It was one of those Hurricane Relief games. There were quite a few of those in Fall 2017 but they haven't returned.
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    Return to Horton?

    Got it to work! Oddly, when I was logged in, I'd get a "No events/items available" message for single games in all sports. But once I logged out, the game showed up as available.
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    Return to Horton?

    Did this sell out within hours? It shows nothing available under Return to Horton.
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    SIU 10/1

    Ted mentioned that the 3 most impactful calls/no calls were her. He also mentioned she had very little experience and blasted the conference for bringing someone up before they were ready. Tbh, he went a bit overboard and added, “the Salukis didn’t win this game, [insert female ref’s name] won...
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    UCLA and USC

    I just spent 15 minutes watching this. It’s the best conglomeration of relevant factors to university presidents I’ve seen.
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    More realignment

    I just watched 15 minutes of this. It’s the greatest realignment analysis I’ve ever watched.
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    What if ISU joined the CUSA?

    If everybody had the money of Alabama, they would be spending it. It’s not that ISU and 250-300 other schools simultaneously don’t want to spend on athletics or are “incompetent”. It’s they don’t have the access to that kind of money. Comparing Alabama to ISU is completely misunderstanding...
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    10 Years Ago Today

    I was wondering whatever happened to Gary Friedman and just looked it up. TBH, when I recall past ADs in my head, I sometimes forget he even existed. 2013-2017 KFC Yum! Center 2017-2018 Kentucky Venues 2019-2020 St Joseph Children’s Home 2020-Present Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kentuckiana
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    10 Years Ago Today

    Rob Judson was to become the 19th head coach in Illinois State history.
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    AJ Green enters the portal

    Amazing that UNI simply tweeting out AJ's message provoked a firestorm from the Carter family because UNI didn't tweet out Noah's message. I think anyone who has played sports has vivid memories about that "one delusional family" everyone on the team told crazy stories about to each other. I...
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    2022 Coaching Carousel

    Could the next MVC coaching change be at SIU? SIU fans are currently campaigning for Mullins to demote himself to Assistant to open the door for the return of....Chris Lowery.
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    Murray State is going to be very good next year as well

    I also attended the games in Indy. Murray State’s fan base has been dying to get into our league for years. Prohm is a great hire. He coached 2 top-25 teams there.
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    MVC Transfer Portal 2022

    That Dad is nuts. He sits a handful of rows above UNI’s bench during games and yells and motions as if he’s one of the coaches. And his orders are usually code for giving his kid the ball.
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    Ndiaye in Transfer Portal

    I still remember the day we got him. Huge hype with this Facebook conference and hats with ISU, Wichita, Georgetown, etc. Fan bases at each other's throats in the Facebook comments over who would get him. One of the more bizarre careers considering his recruitment. Thanks to him for being a...
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    Lady Birds vs Lady Dawgs

    112-113. Missouri St in 114. UNI in 115-116.
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    Lady Birds vs Lady Dawgs

    I’m at the game. Decent Redbird crowd. Good venue, free parking, cheap tix. ISU retakes lead 26-24. Terrific defense.
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    Ohio State assistant Ryan Pedon to be head coach

    He’s right. Murray St joining was the first headline on CBS Sports’ CBB page and second headline on ESPN’s CBB page. It was also on the ESPN BottomLine the Friday it was leaked — I remember sitting at a restaurant and seeing it come across the ticker. Also, all 3 of those teams are joining for...
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