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    10 Years Ago Today

    Rob Judson was to become the 19th head coach in Illinois State history.
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    Ndiaye in Transfer Portal

    I still remember the day we got him. Huge hype with this Facebook conference and hats with ISU, Wichita, Georgetown, etc. Fan bases at each other's throats in the Facebook comments over who would get him. One of the more bizarre careers considering his recruitment. Thanks to him for being a...
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    Murray State #23 in AP Poll

    3rd Racers team in the top-25 since 2012.
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    MVC Expansion

    Matt Brown is reporting 5 schools will make 90-minute presentations to the MVC on December 19: Murray St, UTA, UIC, UMKC, & UNO. I watched this video and highly suggest it. It's 23 minutes long, but you can skip the first...
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    Murray State to Missouri Valley

    A wish many have wanted for a long time. What an unbelievable job by Jeff Jackson and the MVC Presidents!
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    MVC Commissioner announced tomorrow

    Will we see Barry unveiled at the podium?
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    MVC Wins since 2013

    Up until Saturday, the winningest conference program over 7.25 years was ISU. UNI 78-54 (.591) ISU 77-55 (.583) Loyola 59-55 (.518) SIU 63-69 (.477) INSU 63-69 (.477) MSU 56-76 (.424) E'ville 55-77 (.417) Drake 51-81 (.386) Valpo 16-26 (.381) BU 49-83 (.371)
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    Alum opens Chick-fil-A near Ferguson Here’s someone who didn’t grow up with much, attended ISU from ‘95 to ‘99, and went on to cheerlead for the Rams, work 17 years for Edward Jones, get cast on 2 seasons of Survivor, and now wins a selection process...
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    Central Illinois Flying Aces going Dormant

    USHL hockey isn't my cup of tea.
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    Word on the street is Democrats in Oklahoma are grooming him for a run at office and there’s corporate money backing him. This has gone around enough both throughout MVC circles and now trickling online that there’s smoke to it.
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