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    Spring 2021 Football

    MAC has shut down football.
  2. Bird Friend

    Anthony Pritchard, 6-2/160, PG, Tulsa, OK
  3. Bird Friend

    Nate Johnson, 6-3/185, PG, Liberty Township, OH
  4. Bird Friend

    AJ Braun, 6-9/215, PF, Middleton, OH
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    Off Redbird topic:

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    Sam Vinson, 6-3, PG, Fort Thomas, KY
  7. Bird Friend

    Jordan Brown, 6-3, SG, Basehor, KS
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    JUCO - Chris Payton, 6-7/205, SF, Bloomington, IL

    For his sake, I hope he's able to keep his perspective and head on straight. Lost his rails while in HS. Good to see him begin to succeed in juco.
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    Jalen Nettles, 6-4, SG, Jacksonville, AR
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    BIG 10 should not be let in bowl game.

    We'll see where football lands.
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    James Dent, Jr., 6-3/SG, Springfield, IL

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    Logan McIntire, 6-2, SG, Ramsey, IN
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    Jeremiah Johnson, 6-3/160, PG, OK City, OK ($$) 2020 Newcomer of the Year: Jeremiah Johnson | Prep Hoops
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    Robbie Avila, 6-6/180, PF, Oak Forest, IL
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    Kam Craft, 6-6/180, SG, Buffalo Grove, IL
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    Jaylon McDaniel, 6-7/205, PF, Sunrise Christian
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    Offered Sekou Gassama, 6-10. PF, Senegal
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