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    SEP 30 - Wanna set a National Attendance Record?

    Reminder that this is tonight! Help ISU set a SCHOOL attendance record!
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    Dark Mode

    I mean if you are already on the RBF home page it just requires reading. :P
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    BirdFans4Ever Podcast

    Also he tells some great stories about Anthony Slack.
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    Dark Mode

    All sports this weekend are going with black unis. Football, Volleyball (trying to break ISU attendance record) and soccer.
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    Dark Mode

    The ISU twitter feed is on the message board home page on the right hand side!
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    Former Redbirds...

  7. isuquinndog

    ISU Enrollment

    How is FBS helping any of those schools right now financially? Or enrollment wise?
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    OT: Former Players

    JR is the easiest any time touchdown scorer prop bet in the NFL right now.
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    ESPN+: Help out RBF!

    Hey every one, since we are getting closer to the season some of you might be looking to add ESPN+ subscriptions in order to watch the Birds. If you do, you can really help me out by just clicking the ESPN+ banner ad at the top of most of the pages. It's the same sign up, same price, just gives...
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    '22-'23 Full Schedule

    Subscribe through the banner ad above and you help the site :D
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    ISU Enrollment

    This was from the DeKalb news paper in February of 2020.
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    '22-'23 Full Schedule

    I give him a break on assignments. The Pantagraph has two sports reporters. Jim and Randy. They have to cover every thing, or as much as they can. So him covering golf or whatever, that's fine. He has to do that. But he was in STL for the media day. And we get tweets and articles about almost...
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    News from Future Opponents

    They are in SE missouri. I rest my case. :P
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    Well, that was short lived. The company that I use for these is stopping their services in November so I have shut it off. Sorry every one.
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    News from Future Opponents

    But Northwestern is one why would it NW? Should it be one word? Well that is a different question. But they make it one word so NU makes sense. St. Louis isn't SU, it's SLU. Three words = three letters. Maybe I'm old and crazy though.
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    Interview with Coach Yak

    You can also look at Benson's media day article for some good info on Yak. On ISU? Well not so much. But good stuff on Yak.
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    Walk-On Tryouts

    Not really a try out, but Muller took kids from campus.
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    News from Future Opponents

    NU is Northwestern University, no?
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    SEP 30 - Wanna set a National Attendance Record?

    Yeah I don't know what Danny Bugg is talking about but like MadBird said, the record is in the tens of thousands. If someone wants to make a thread about this game in basketball or football, go for it. I won't remove it.
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