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    SIU 10/1

    Almost everyone expected us to be 2-1 through 3 games so in a sense the season starts on Saturday against SIU. The line on this game should be close. If the 'Birds win then we have a viable path to the playoffs. If we lose, then we'll need to gain the game back by upsetting someone on the...
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    REDBIRD VB over illini

    Redbird VB won 15 - 9 in the 5th over illiini in Milwaukee. Birds face a strong Marquette team tomorrow.
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    EIU Mid-America Classic

    The EIU Panthers come to town 6:30 Saturday for the next episode of the MID-AMERCA CLASSIC football game. The mere mention of the words MID-AMERCA CLASSIC causes pulses to race, nostrils to flare, jaws to stiffen and protrude, and it stirs the passions of diehard football fans all across the...
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    Valpo Home Opener

    We welcome undefeated Valpo to town. The Beacons come in 1-0, fresh off a 20-17 thrashing of Indiana Wesleyan. fourth gave us 99-1 odds of winning this game which is just asking for trouble. Professional oddsmakers only gave Wisconsin a 97% chance of beating the Redbirds and Valpo has a...
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    Wisconsin predictions

    Bucky 34 Redbirds 3 Illinois State receives the kickoff and drives for a FG. I manage to position myself for a selfie with the scoreboard in the background. Redbirds 3 Badgers 0. The rest of the game is a blur.
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    What week is it?

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    Redbird Football Season Predictions

    6-5 I see this as a 7-4 team, but I have guessed a little too high in recent years and I can trace it back to injuries at the QB position. This year I'm factoring it in ahead of time. Annexstad will get injured at some point and it will cost us a game so 6-5. L - Wisconsin W - Valparaiso W -...
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    Camp Randall Roll Call

    I'm curious to know what board members are making the trip to Madison. I'll be there. Also if you are making the trip up but do not plan to go the game that would be interesting to know too. It's ok we don't judge. Also can we get a Loyalty Oath from Madbird and Cheesehead for this game...
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    Training camp

    Transfers transfer to play but "not so fast" in the hypercompetitive Redbird secondary. We lost some DBs to the portal but we gained some back, good ones too. Dabney, Tracy and Lamont are all quality transfers, but they aren't just stepping into starting positions. We have returning players...
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    Where we left off

    With August camp about to open it's a good time to review where we left off last spring. There were some new names among the award winners. If these players can pick up where they left off, they are destined for playing time in the fall. This year's winners included: Offensive Most Improved...
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    The List so far 2023

    Ivan Erickson 6'6 250 DE Marmion Acad, Argo, IL Nick Hawkins 6'5 225 TE Lemont HS, IL Brady Probst 6'3 235 TE Brownsburg HS, IN...
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    So this is what it looks like full

    too bad we can't schedule graduation at halftime of a basketball game.
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    Peoria QB/S in the portal

    Coran Taylor - I've had my eye on this guy for a long time. He had a stellar prep career as a dual-threat QB at Peoria HS. We offered him but he went to Illinois instead. He began his career as a QB and briefly worked his way up to starter due to injuries. After that he was switched to...
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    '22-'23 Roster GoRedbirds has now updated '22-'23 roster. There could still be more churning but this may be a sign that things may begin to settle down.
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    Practice today

    I went to practice this morning with most of my attn directed to the QB position. Zack Annexstad looks very accurate with a quick release. Zack looks a lot like WIU QB Connor Sampson. That's a compliment. I would have gladly traded for Sampson last season. Back in 2018, Zack completed 52%...
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    Kentucky transfer

    I've been saying we need another Offensive Tackle and we got one. Jake Pope is a lengthy 6'7 so hopefully he can block the edge. Our QB's need protection. This is scratching where we were itching.
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    Converge, diverge, converge again

    Zack Annexstad and Art Sitkowski were both high school QB's due to graduate in 2018, but after you get past that they didn't have much in common. They lived 1000 miles apart with Annexstad growing up in Minnesota and Sitkowski in New Jersey. That all changed in 2017 as they each sought to...
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    Welcome QB Zack Annexstad

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    Montana State

    I normally root for the Valley teams in the playoffs but this morning I had to admit that I really want to see Montana St. win the FCS National title. NDSU has some really good fans, but they have some obnoxious ones too and I got tired of that "Fargo South" stuff when we were in Frisco, TX...
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    Future Schedules

    News has been released about a new non-con opponent for 2024 and '25. An away and home with FCS North Alabama. Since we already have FBS opponents for those years (Iowa '24 and Oklahoma '25), North Alabama is a good fit. btw we do not have a FBS opponent for 2023 and there are not many...
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