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    Ohio State assistant Ryan Pedon to be head coach

    We must have offered some good money. He was making at least $500k as Ohio State assistant.
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    vs Indiana State - 03/03/2022 - 6:00 PM - MVC-TV

    If freeman is back next year, it better not be in a starting role.
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    Per the contract, money is due 90 days of being terminated.
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    at Indiana State - 02/12/2022 - 12:00 PM - ESPN3

    Dan muller coach of the year!!
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    @UNI - 1 pm - ESPN+

    Is the ball wet?
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    at Evansville

    Thursday night looking good
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    At Valpo

    bad loss
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    Redbirds vs Northern Iowa 3/4 8:08pm MVC Tournament

    are unforced turnovers tracked? We gotta be leading the nation in the Dan muller era
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    Redbirds @ Drake 1/31 2:00 PM ESPN3

    Emon Washington is looking more and more like tony wills.
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    More Postponments

    If players dont want to play, they dont have to play. Simple as that.
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    More Postponments

    You’re a sheep.
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    Redbirds @ Evansville 1/9 1:00 PM ESPN3

    Evansville just beat us and they played a bad game. Who can we beat in the valley?
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    More Postponments

  14. B - Drake

    I think he means 23 years ago when we last made the tourney.
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    Redbirds @ Loyola-Chicago 12/27 3:00 PM FSMW/NBCSCH

    We are not even gaining ground against the Loyola JV team.
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    Redbirds @ Loyola-Chicago 12/27 3:00 PM FSMW/NBCSCH

    Can we forfeit tomorrow’s game? We are going to get embarrassed on national tv.
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    AD finalists announced

    hire the best candidate regardless of race/gender. Period.
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    Redbirds v UMass Lowell in Columbus, Oh 11/28 12:00 PM

    another huge blown lead by a muller coached team!
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