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    Birds picked 9th
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    Simone Goods passes
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    Wisconsin ranked 20th

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    Fisher not having varsity football this year
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    Birds tie for 35th
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    Happy b'day Doug Collins

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    This is just wrong

    If MTXE isn't on an ISU uni, it shouldn't be anywhere.
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    Kevin Stallings sighting

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    UNI gets a boost
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    AJ Green enters the portal
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    Bradley hires Northwestern assistant
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    Daniyal Robinson takes CSU job

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    UNI season opener

    Panthers open up at the Air Force Academy.
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    SIU hires new head coach
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    Who is our next head coach

    I wonder if Dean Oliver would have any interest.
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    birds vs the Ramblers

    Directv 793 Saturday at 6pm.
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    Mike Zimmer can be brutal

    I graduated from High School with Kirk Cousins mom. I saw her at a class reunion a few years ago and spoke with her for a couple of minutes.
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    Doug Collins article in ISU alumni magazine
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    Lankford leaving and Spack has surgery
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    Drake starter out with injury

    Alyssa Hertel @AlyssaHertel Bad news for @DrakeBulldogsMB fans: Just received word that Roman Penn is out after suffering a small fracture in his left foot. It's the same foot Penn injured in February that sidelined him for Drake's NCAA Tournament run.
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