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    Murray State

    How many decades have to go by before it becomes obvious to our AD and President that Muller cant recruit?
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    Loyola to the A-10, Murray State, UMKC, and UT-Arlington considered to join Valley

    I am surprised.....but then also not surprised....that no one on this board has even remotely commented about how patheticly managed this conference is and how it is devoid of anything that would qualify as leadership. From the Commissioners office to the ADs and university presidents around...
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    Preseason Polls/Awards

    Two biggest takeaways: 1) Muller isn't recruiting competitively even with other Valley programs let alone other good mid-major programs. He's getting basically nobody from Illinois. 2) The small handful of decent recruits he is able to lure to ISU leave, leaving him with huge talent gaps and...
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    2021 MVC Transfers

    What does it say about your program when your best player leaves because he thinks he has no shot making the NCAA Tournament? To me that means your program has no leadership at all.
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    2021 MVC Transfers

    The thing I keep thinking about with the transfer portal stuff is.....if everyone is just using each other for their own benefit.....and no one has any equity in anything except for themselves.....then why should I care? Why pay attention? Why go to games or even come onto this board? The...
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    Dusan Enters Portal

    His girlfriend must have dumped him.
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    Hey everybody. Older I get the less important this all seems. Especially when you consider we lost to Loyola twice by 30....and Loyola would probably be a 15 pt underdog to Illinois. That’s how irrelevant ISU basketball has become. so go outside. It’s the last 60-degree day for a while...
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    Roman Penn

    Yesufu 36. Another IL kid who leaves the state for a Valley school.
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    This alone tells you all you need to know on DM and why he will be gone

    Don’t look now but Muller could go 4-0 against SIU and Bradley this year.
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    Redbirds v Missouri State 2/7 2:00 PM Marquee (ESPN3)

    ISU game threads are 2 pages long and 1 of those 2 pages are about Drake and Loyola. Still no defense Still no toughness Still no identity Average talent. you have to ask the ISU job still even a good job? Moser and Wardle have the recruiting advantage now. Mullins getting...
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    Redbirds @ Drake 1/31 2:00 PM ESPN3

    I think the first thought would be: how far has the program fallen to have ever gotten to a point where Drake.....Drake.....would ever be so heavily dominantly favored to beat Illinois State by this much. Like what are all the things that had to happen for that to be possible? That list must...
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    Redbirds @ Drake 1/31 2:00 PM ESPN3

    Imagine you didn’t know anything about ISU basketball 15 games into the year and the first thing you found out was that ISU was a 21-pt underdog to Drake.....
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    Starting to think the only kid who can really change things for ISU is Fleming. Once things slow down for him hopefully he takes over the team and has the ball in his hands the most. Horne and Strong better off the ball. Reeves is a stand in the corner type player. we are just going to have...
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    We seriously might lose to Drake by 50 or 60 pts. They play very very hard. Help D everywhere. Transition offense. 4 or 5 strong guards who rarely make mistakes.
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    Imagine if Drake still had Liam Robbins. He had 27, 14 and 5 for Minnesota in a 17-pt win over Ohio St last night.
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    Mopping floor with SIU tonight again. Will be 13-0. first half stats against SIU tonight. -Rebounding margin +13 -8 assists. 6 turnovers. -4 fouls you are starting to see why teams like Loyola and Drake win. Because they are disciplined, fundamentally sound, unselfish, team players who value...
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    2020-21 Conference Predictions

    pretty mind blowing. drake has experienced backcourt but nobody saw 12-0 and a thrashing of SIU coming. you have to Devries was coaching Mullers players how much better would Mullers players be?
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    Redbirds @ Loyola-Chicago 12/28 6:00 PM CBSSN

    at this point it seems like a matter of when versus if. we are so bad it’s hard to tell if it’s coaching or players. And when it gets to that point I think we are near the end.
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    Redbirds @ Loyola-Chicago 12/28 6:00 PM CBSSN

    Another Redbird game another beat down.
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    Redbirds @ Loyola-Chicago 12/27 3:00 PM FSMW/NBCSCH

    I think one of Mullers biggest weaknesses is that he still values starting the players who practice well/ his team is in 4th grade or something. He just needs to play the best players. iSUs starters should be Strong Horne Boyd Mahorcic Fleming get the ball into Dusan and spread...
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