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    Welcome Ty Pence!

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    John Kinziger commits!

    Welcome John! I like this kind of player that know how to use screens and shoot. The fact he is a winner is an added plus.
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    Muller in panty today

    Adam Emmenecker is my favorite valley announcer. I would love for Dan to do the ISU games. As said before he is a good man. He couldn't adjust to the new college coaching game but that won't affect him being a color man.
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    Muller in panty today

    Good for him and I think he would make an excellent TV announcer. He is right that the game has changed.
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    Alston Andrews Returns?

    Alston looked much improved this year when he got into games. He seemed to bring a spark. Here is hoping the new staff can tap into some of that potential.
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    '22-'23 Roster

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    Welcome Joe Petrakis!

    i like
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    Reeves in transfer portal, Birds need to get busy.

    I was wondering that same thing
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    Josiah Strong Gone

    I was hoping he would come back. I really liked Strong.
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    '22-'23 Roster

    Gotta be honest, I am really liking our backcourt. Those guys all have the ability to go off on any given night. I think Poindexter is gonna surprise some people. Need a couple bigs and a reserve pg.
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    Boom - Knight commits

    Another guy that can fill it up and has some size. I am wondering if we don't go small with Lewis and McChesney is front and Knight on the wing.
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    '22-'23 Roster

    Tweet is gone. What did it say
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    '22-'23 Roster

    I bet the twins will be right behind him.
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    What if ISU joined the CUSA?

    What if and hear me out. What if we joined the SEC? Build a 100k seat stadium for basketball and a 300k seat stadium for football. What if we formed our own sports network and it replaced ESPN on every TV provider? Is this the game we are playing? Ponder they most ridiculous thing?
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    '22-'23 Roster

    I am getting the feeling that Pedon and staff really like and believe that Kotov will be a contributor.
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    Welcome Luke Kasubke

    I am really excited about this young man.
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    Former Redbirds...

    Guess they don't value post defense
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