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    Mopping floor with SIU tonight again. Will be 13-0. first half stats against SIU tonight. -Rebounding margin +13 -8 assists. 6 turnovers. -4 fouls you are starting to see why teams like Loyola and Drake win. Because they are disciplined, fundamentally sound, unselfish, team players who value...
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    Cleaning up in Chicago We are getting creamed.
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    Indy St

    We are gonna lose by 20 tomorrow. Maybe more. Completely overmatched at every position. Never win there. You can feel these blowouts coming and this is one of them. Gonna be ugly. Hate saying this but ISU +7 Is extremely generous in my opinion.
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    Mo St Recruiting

    In all of the years anyone has followed ISU you ever recall reading an article like this about Redbird recruiting? I surely do not.
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    Illinois state AP All-State Teams

    Several of these kids uncommitted. Some of the top players in the state. And I have seen Marquise Kennedy up close. We are in trouble. Landing Antonio Reeves would help. Who...
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    Loyalty over Character

    Been thinking more about this and talking with some of my ISU buddies about this. I think if I were to sum up the Muller regime in one thought it would be....."Loyalty over Character." If you were to grade Muller on bringing players into the program who have high a combination of high...
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    Week of Reckoning for The Birds

    This is going to be the week of reckoning for the Redbirds. Yarbrough and these seniors ran their mouths about "unfinished business" after getting blown out by Loyola in the title game last year. So far they have gotten blown out again by Belmont and Georgia and barely got by Chicago St...
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    Thoughts on each player

    Fayne - best player. Get him the rock more. There should never be a game where he has under 7 rebounds. He needs to be more assertive especially against the teams we are about to face. Yarbrough - he and Fayne should run more high-lows and he should play on block more (triple threat. Score...
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    Good to go for 18-19 or need more pieces?

    I would like every active member on this board to put themselves out there on this and answer this question: Will we win the league and get to the NCAA Tournament next year with this year’s team??.....or do we need additional pieces to achieve that? And if the answer is we need additional...
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    Muller's Talent Strategy

    Going into this year, it looks to me like Muller's key pillars of his talent strategy were: 1) Continue to recruit size/length (6-4+ guys) 2) Blend new kids from Illinois with out-of-state kids who checked the size/length box. This presumably would drive more local interest in the program and...
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