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    NCAA tournament thread

    I can't believe how many teams foul three point shooters. That Duke Michigan State game was really good. Amazing how many of these teams were built through the portal.
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    Arch Madness

    I wanted a thread to talk about the experience this year and all the non Redbird games. My wife and I will be in Section 118. Looking forward to a fun year after the covid tournament last year. That was pretty brutal with how far we were all sissy apart. Does anyone know if the team will be...
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    Introducing your Valparaiso Beacons!!!! Great choice in the new name Valpo. Now not only do they have the best arena in the valley they also have the best nickname.
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    Redbirds vs Northern Iowa 3/4 8:08pm MVC Tournament

    Redbirds take on the Panthers for the third straight game. Last year on this court Horne was 3-10 from the field and 2-7 from three. Reeves was 4-6 from the field and 3-4 from three. Boyd was 0-4 from the field and 0-3 from three. Ndiaye didn't shoot. Birds need to improve on their...
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    Arch madness

    Anyone able to get tickets yet? I see other schools are seeking them.
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    2021 Scholarship question

    Anyone know how the Scholarship situation is going to be in 2021? With this being a free year for everyone in college, it would seem that recruits around the country will be squeezed.
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    MVC Championship Sunday

    Both teams are playing well so far. Making the Valley look good.
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    Arch madness draw

    So who do you guys want to play Thursday? The only team I definitely don't want to see is Missouri State. With Prim healthy they are scary. My preference in order would be INST, Drake and Valpo. Freeman liberty is really coming on so hopefully Valpo works their way into the 7 spot.
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    ISU at UNI

    This game will be a tough win. They are going to want payback and Green has been on fire. Copeland has to stay out of foul trouble and stay within the offense. Green will get his so Cope can't make those frustration fouls. Maybe Horne and Reeves prove to be UNI killers? Maybe? Just keep...
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    ISU at Valpo

    We finally ended that atrocious losing streak. Time to go up to valpo and show that the season isn't lost just yet. We beat Evansville Wednesday, we beat Valparaiso today that's two in a row. We beat Missouri State Wednesday that's called a winning streak. It has happened before. Valpo...
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    Need this game. It is going to be cold outside but hopefully the Redbirds light the nets on fire. This could be a turning point if we can win this game. Zach was talking about how they are learning to play selflessly on offense. I like this matchup. Birds 77 Rambles 69
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    Single game tickets

    Went online at 11 to get some tickets and wow there are not many lower bowl seats left. Hopefully with the remodel, attendance will see a bump this season and the team can feed off that energy.
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    Depth chart

    I am curious what you everyone thinks the rotation will next year assuming that Torres gets the waiver. I am thinking this right now. Could change is Taylor is fully healed and finds his stroke and how quickly Horne and Reeves acclimate to D1. The nice thing I see is lack of distractions and...
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    Good morning Redbird fans... It's Friday

    Let's end this week on a very very high note shall we
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    Spencer Schnell

    Spencer Schnell has been invited to Chicago Bears rookie camp. Go show them what you got young man.
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    Sweet 16

    Watching the North Carolina Auburn game and a couple things stuck out to me. One I forgot how much I disliked Bruce Pearl. Two, this game is so sloppy. It is a lot of great athletes and very little passing. That Purdue Tennessee game last night was great. Can't believe they blew that give...
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    Derrick Cook juco PG Offered
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    Other valley games today

    Watching the Drake Missouri State game. Dana just got T'd up because he doesn't like how the refs are calling the game. If I didn't know anything about the valley and I watched it game and this one I would have told you that ISU and SIU were the two playing for a share of first place.
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    Has anyone taken in a practice recently? Curious how Fisher, Hillsman, Ndiaye and Boyd look. I love watching Fisher and Ndiaye down on the bench. They are so into the game. Can't remember when we had guys sitting out that were so into the games.
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    Righting the ship

    As we draw near to conference play we are in the realization that the only way to the tournament is winning in St Louis. Can Muller right the ship? I believe so. I think Evans and Tinsley find their strokes and the offense finally clicks. If those two can do that the pressure comes off the...
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