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    What if ISU joined the CUSA?

    All kinds of costs tend to be higher in Illinois due to many reasons. From pensions ( not knocking them I have one) to demographics, etc. all add up. Friend had two kids one went to Iowa other one to Iowa State. Both at a price cheaper than they could attend Western Illinois. They live 45...
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    Basketball season ticket "seat license" fee????

    Loudest concert I was ever at
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    Josiah Strong Gone

    Agree we do not need to comment on players leaving program. I think everyone except people who were emotionally involved with the program knew that it was on thin ice this last year. Win big or go home and if one realistically looked at the program it maybe could have won, but not big enough...
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    Please Stop Petty Arguments

    Dale will always be the intimidator and Tony is the best dirt tracker
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    Reeves in transfer portal, Birds need to get busy.

    NCAA men’s basketball has had and always will have its Oakland A’s payroll and it’s New York Yankee’s payroll, and by the way so does life
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    Please Stop Petty Arguments

    At least we have some posters fired up and ready to win again
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    Murray State is going to be very good next year as well

    Brown not having a good game
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    Who gets to stay??

    Two wide bodies Two really good guards 6/4 6/5 defender You got you a good team 6/5 to 6/7 off the bench good player You are top four in the valley
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    Murray State is going to be very good next year as well

    Purdue really smiling now. Had a couple alumni from there text me already. And, agree they need to take care of business. I just thought and I could be wrong that Baylor style would be tough for Murray.
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    Who gets to stay??

    Not sure of posting on this tread. But, —— the days of loyalty to a program, school, system is not what it used to be. For a lot of other sports, yes the degree from the school means a lot. Many of these men’s basketball players have a plan to go somewhere to play after they use up their...
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    Murray State is going to be very good next year as well

    Baylor out of the way now. Murray may have a path to the final 4. Long term good for the valley.
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    Murray State is going to be very good next year as well

    Figure this will trigger some, but I am very happy MVC traded Loyola for Murray. Throw in Belmont and league has gotten better, probably much better. Bunch of seniors leaving Loyola. They probably make more money leaving but I think MVC gaining Nashville market just got better in money terms...
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    Ohio State assistant Ryan Pedon to be head coach

    So, one mentions the 80s successful basketball teams and someone else goes to riots????? Maybe a demonstration or two but a riot????? Where were the burnt buildings where was all the damage??? Maybe an over energetic demonstration but a riot? Hopefully this new guy can get ISU somewhere...
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    Ohio State assistant Ryan Pedon to be head coach

    ISU is one of the better schools, centrally located and if it gets much better at men’s basketball the media should recognize that. Murray State and Belmont are very very good long term basketball schools. Belmont women’s BB team very good also. UIC added for the Chicago market, which is ok...
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    Who is our next head coach

    Why can’t ISU be as successful as UNI ???
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    at Southern Illinois - 02/23/2022 - 7:00 PM - ESPN+

    This is just plain ugly and embarrassing. This is what a 7 year contract can get you. This is not the redbird basketball that I went to school with, graduated 81. ISU was always competitive. The 80s and 90s were nothing like this. Unfortunately we have gone over one fifth of a century with...
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    Will Juwan Howard be fired?

    Juwan Howard will probably be available to coach another team IMHO Not sure ISU would hire him but you can probably put him on the available list
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    Who do you prefer to be the next head coach?

    Don’t knock South Dakota as a place to live. Have you looked at their governor lately. And, she came off a farm/ranch. She is a lot more attractive than the Illinois governor but not as rich. So looks or money your choice. And, before anyone gets upset this post is entirely tongue in cheek.
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    Who is our next head coach

    With the portal I would hope a new coach could have a complete rebuild in year 2
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