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  1. isuquinndog

    Poll: Keeping Muller

    Donations? ISU isn't giving any money to the IPF unless 70% of the money is raised through donations. They are talking about selling naming rights to Redbird/Hancock to get enough money.
  2. isuquinndog

    Missouri State

    My thoughts on this game:
  3. isuquinndog

    First player in D1 since 2009...

    Katie Bullman made some interesting history...
  4. isuquinndog

    Offered Ethan Kizer, 6-6, SF, Metamora, IL

    Metamora has an active twitter account, can try that:
  5. isuquinndog

    Poll: Keeping Muller

    We do need some NIL money flowing, for sure.
  6. isuquinndog

    Fix the Offense

    Came here to get the temperature of the hire. Not great.
  7. isuquinndog

    Poll: Keeping Muller

    I should have added avoid Thursday to the poll. My apologies. Was mostly curious. I think he's probably safe regardless.
  8. isuquinndog

    birds vs the Ramblers

    Six wins in row and 5-0 in conference! Only undefeated team in MVC play. Way to go, ladies!
  9. isuquinndog

    Poll: Keeping Muller

    Just curious
  10. isuquinndog

    With Bison dominating and other top teams leaving, what's the future of FCS football

    We do have an eSports program. One of the best in the country. Top 25 Schools For College Esports
  11. isuquinndog

    Missouri State

    I'm less stressed about this game after we beat them at home and now winning against BU. Losing at MSU is not the end of anything. Hope we can get the win, but a loss is not the end of the world.
  12. isuquinndog

    It's a Bradley week!

    What a win. Dan out coaches wardle in the second half with one simple move. He said on the radio after that the team looked like in the first half a team that hasn’t practiced together in weeks. Cause they haven’t. Said freeman isn’t 100% and Liam couldn’t even run wind sprints on Saturday. He...
  13. isuquinndog

    ISU open to naming rights for IPF

    Really? I didn't know that. They were on Shark Tank and I've seen their product at Walmart.
  14. isuquinndog

    Johnson Extended Through 2027

    This is fantastic news and kudos to Brennan for getting this done.
  15. isuquinndog

    at Drake

    I saw that game from about the 5th row behind the basket. Both games. We went from "OMG we could beat Arizona" to "This sucks" really fast.
  16. isuquinndog

    MVC Expansion

    Also he used ISU red and ISU blue for the two ISUs but said BU Peoria and BU Nashville. Why do they get cities and we get colors? Lame. :D Oh, and for photos of each league member arena it was from a game with a full crowd. Except was when Redbird was empty with no game. WTH.
  17. isuquinndog

    MVC Expansion

    I thought this was an interesting slide. It shows us has having the biggest athletic budget in the conference in 19/20 of the teams that will be the MVC in 2022.
  18. isuquinndog

    It's a Bradley week!

    Dang it that's what I get for assuming that this game wouldn't be a Sunday night.
  19. isuquinndog

    It's a Bradley week!

    FU BU. Gotta win Saturday, regardless who is on the court. I hate Bradley. Let's go.
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