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  1. fourthandshort

    AD Larry Lyons retires !

    So I was doing yard work all day, not sure what the rest of yours excuses are !! Anyway, let me first say and others are free to disagree ... but I think AD Larry Lyons was a pretty good man and a good AD, just not very good one in that he had a few notable misses in his time. But I think he is...
  2. fourthandshort

    Transfer Portal - promising FCS QB available

    Not recommending this .. nor would I rule it out. I assume he would have to sit out next fall, but this would give us some competition at QB for 2021... he started for SHSU and was Hero FR all american. He''s a RS JR, and so already used his RS, though he did have an injury .. so wondering if...
  3. fourthandshort

    Tre Roberson to sign with Bears !!!

    Awesome news !!!! Thought this news/scoop for pending deal was worthy of its own thread. Many teams clearly like him a lot. Here's the link others posted on Former PLayers Thread: "Roberson, who is viewed as this...
  4. fourthandshort

    STATS Most "Successful" FCS Programs of Decade No, we didn't make this list ... but we did get a mention in the explanation of the what the criteria for list was and wasn't ..... notably STATS author Craig Haley explained, "This is not a list of the 16 best...
  5. fourthandshort

    2020 defense returning

    Too soon to talk 2020 ??? Nah !!! So our defensive starters yesterday featured just 2 SRs, 4 JRs, and 5 SOs - DL group had a JR and 2 SO starting, and backups Powell and Podkulski are both JRs .. so our top 5 DL is all SO and JR, so this group is total set for 2020 - LB group had 1 SR, 1...
  6. fourthandshort

    2019 Quarterfinals vs NDSU (Dec 14th, 11am CST)

    saw this game time announced on AGS Now who was the idiot who pointed out we play poorly when we start noon or earlier !!!!!! :mrgreen:
  7. fourthandshort

    WR Edgar status ???

    very tough break for Edgar getting injured again. I can't remember if he came back into game or not. The announcers never said a word about it after the injury happened. They clearly didn't quite understand how important he is to our WR group ... he is a stud and makes everyone better simply by...
  8. fourthandshort

    MVFC 2019 All New Comer team - Offense: JR RB Proctor, true FR WR Rutkiewicz, SR OL Solomon Defense: FR DB Isabell, SR LB Mends We tied for lead with 5 newcomers with SDSU. Foor what it's worth, 2 of our 5 are FR, so we had 3 transfers (1...
  9. fourthandshort

    Central Arkansas (10/7/19) playoff game

    will do more research but UCA is a lot like SEMO in this sense .. their stats reflect a 7-5 or 6-6 team, not a 9-3 team. Though I would say Southland is a step above OVC for sure. Buy UCA opponents have more 1st downs and more total yards than UCS, but UCA kept finding ways to win. They got the...
  10. fourthandshort

    Taylor Named MVFC Defensive Player of the Week (game 11)

    Very nice game and honor for CB Taylor. Think back ... remember how much this forum used to rip our secondary, no matter how high they ranked in pass defense efficiency each season. The one...
  11. fourthandshort

    Sam Fenlason - STATS special teams - honorable mention (game 10)

    Draka got his own threa, so figured Fenlason deserved one too ... what year he's having after his struggles i 2018. From other thread .... Sam Fenlason got honorable mention for spcial teams player of week ... he was 4 for 4 yesterday including him nailing the his 4th from 46 with plenty of...
  12. fourthandshort

    WIU Game (10/19/2019)

    Road game versus WIU this saturday is at 1pm. Game will be streamed on ESPN+. Weather forecast as today is 69 and 60% chance of spotty showers. So most years, I would sya something like ... WIU is tough, they always play us tough, but I expect to win a close game. This year, that does not...
  13. fourthandshort

    9/28/19 games .. bye week

    NAU is up 28-14 at half over Montana St .. they're #11 Coaches Poll and #7 STATS poll. Very light day for MVFC ..,.. UNI @ Weber St, and YSU hosts Rob Morris
  14. fourthandshort

    NDSU Game (10/5/19)

    since we have a bye week, as do the Bison .. they already started their game thread, so we might as well get started. I think in general, this is a game of two teams with similar strengths ... they just have a few more titles than us :D We both like to run and play defense, and try not to...
  15. fourthandshort

    Kudos to MVFC player-of-week QB Davis and Kicker Fenlason Ironically the 2 positions questioned the most during offseason. Putting aside NIU game, this was THE must win and statement game of the OOC season. We had to win this game going into MVFC...
  16. fourthandshort

    NAU game - weather forecast ??

    Right now looks like we will be getting rained on ...which isn't a big deal, football can be played in rain. Problem is these are thunderstrorms which means very likely there will be lightnening in the evening with a 6:30pm game time .. which means there will probably be lightening delays during...
  17. fourthandshort

    2019 Redbird Defense

    Thought it would be interesting to keep track of how were doing defensively with this group. Just notice we are # 1 in FCS in 3rd down defensive conversions .. here is top 10. 1 Illinois St. 3 8 47 .170 2 Sam Houston St. 3 8 46 .174 3 Hampton 3 9 43 .209 4 James Madison 3 10 45 .222 5 Idaho 3...
  18. fourthandshort

    NAU Game (9/21/19)

    Got the 2-1 Northern Arizona Lumberjacks this week ... game time is 6:30pm CST. Spme of you may vaguely recall our loss to them in 2017 at their place. WE came out fast and aggressive on defense, and out a lot of pressure on their QB .. but our energy faded as game wore on. Our offense...
  19. fourthandshort

    NIU game thread

    Sloppy start on offense. Grimes looks like he's ready. No Edgar ??
  20. fourthandshort

    MVFC returnee starters - keepratings site up

    keepratings site is up with 2019 stats on returnee starters and production for all of FCS. Huge undertaking by this guy. Here is MVFC with FCS ranking based on total starters returning ... notice how many are above FCS average: Team Conf Off Starts Rush Pass Rec...
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