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    MVC Tournament Champions

    Her serve was amazing. I would not want to have to try and dig that. She is a great player and fun to watch. I thought we played well, just couldn't get over the hump in the first two sets.
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    MVC Champions - Women's Tennis

    Congratulations to the Women's Tennis team on winning the Missouri Valley.
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    Bye DJ

    I totally understand that and give both of you credit for coming on here and being respectful (unlike some of our fans). I have nephews around the same age as DJ and I always think about how I and the rest of my family would feel reading some of the stuff that is posted about any of them. Thank...
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    MVC Tournament Champions

    I thought this deserved it's own thread. Congratulations to the Women's volleyball team on back to back championships. Brackets come out today and all games will be in Omaha starting April 14th. Birds dominated in set 1 and 2 on Saturday. Loyola battled back, as they had done all weekend, to...
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    Bye DJ

    It was a pleasure to watch DJ play and I know I'll still be cheering for him. He has always seemed like one of the good ones. As much as I would have loved for him to finish out his college career as a Redbird he needs to do what is best for him as a human being. We all make decisions about our...
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    Volleyball Champs!

    The Redbirds have another championship to celebrate. The volleyball team won both of their games this weekend to clinch the Valley Championship. They will be the 1 seed and play at 11 am this Thursday at Redbird Arena.
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    MVC Volleyball Tournament

    Fans will be allowed in Redbird Arena for the conference tournament next Thursday-Saturday. Tickets are on sale through goredbirds as of this morning.
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    Great Season

    I hope you are right and that Wisconsin is looking for a "higher profile." I don't know how long we can hold on to Coach G but I do hope she sticks around for awhile.
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    MVC All Conference Teams

    Congratulations to all the ladies that made All conference teams today. JuJu Redmond All-MVC First Team Mary Crompton All-MVC honorable mention Terrion Moore all-defensive team Deanna Wilson and Terrion Moore all-newcomer team Also, the MVC Scholar Athlete Honors teams were announced...
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    Birds 76 Drake 68

    Great sweep by the Birds!! Always good to get the win on Senior Day. This team has had some ups and downs this season but I think they are playing their best basketball right now. Big game against Bradley this week. Be nice to sweep them in both the men's and women's side.
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    Volleyball -- Big Win vs Marquette

    For me, the best part of the coach's show is the player guest. Getting to know a little bit more about the players we cheer on gives me even more of a connection to them. I'm hoping this will push for a in person volleyball coach's show in the future. Being able to interact at the shows with the...
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    Win over BU!

    Great win last night! Terrion Moore had a great game holding L. Petree to 0 points in the first half. I've been very impressed with her and Deanna Wilson. Great additions to this team. The Valley is a tough women's basketball conference so we still have a long season ahead of us. Hopefully we...
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    Volleyball -- Big Win vs Marquette

    Those freshmen looked really good the other night. I feel like we have a really stacked team. Some of the players that didn't get in the game at all were big for us last year. That bodes well for us as the season goes on and fatigue can set in with some of the younger players or when someone...
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    Evansville Forfeit?

    Maybe other injuries? They only had 7 players yesterday and the head coach has taken a leave of absence due to a family member with covid. It will be interesting to see if they play their game against Indiana State on Wednesday.
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    Nice home OT win vs Valpo

    Good win for the Birds even though it felt like they were going to give it away in the 4th. We had held their two leading scorers to 0 points until the 4th quarter. I think missing a few weeks of practice time and games dues to COVID has put us a little behind in where we could be but still see...
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    James Robinson

    I agree with this. I missed his touchdown last night by I did notice that one of his teammates was beside him as he flexed. I'm sure most of them are very excited for him and telling him that he deserves to celebrate. He is a very humble, quiet guy who has never looked to be in the spotlight or...
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    Play4Kay Game

    The annual Play4Kay Game is this Sunday at Redbird Arena. For those that don't know this is an annual fundraiser that helps raise money for the Kay Yow Cancer Fund ( If you are wanting to make a donation to the Kay Yow Cancer fund, ISU's main donation page can be found at...
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    2-0 in conference

    The women went 2-0 this weekend to start out conference play. Friday night they beat Indiana State with a great team effort. Today they dominated Evansville. Their first real conference test will be this Friday night at Bradley. If you haven't been to a game yet I highly suggest getting out to...
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    #14 U of I at Redbird Arena

    For all of those that say they want to see U of I at Redbird Arena tonight is your night. An actual ranked Illini team will be coming to Redbird to compete in the Redbird Classic this weekend. Tonight at 7 pm you can come on out to Redbird Arena, check out the new seating in the lower bowl, see...
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    MVC First team

    Congratulations to Simone Goods and TeTe Magget on both being named to the all conference first team. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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