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    45 years

    1976...........the last time that the March Madness field did not include either Duke or Kentucky. Two years later, they played each other in the title game (with Bob Bender a guard on the Duke squad). Many of you may already know that Bender has the trivia resume' of having played for two...
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    FCS Coaches Poll

    In the FCS Coaches' Poll, 'Birds are #7..........not even necessary to mention who is #1..........Northern Iowa #5; South Dakotie State #12. Based on the vote totals among "others receiving votes," North Dakota #26 and SIU #27. Last season's two vanquished playoff opponents are Central Arkansas...
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    National telecasts close out season

    According to AD website, the season's close-out games next Friday and Saturday are on ESPNU and CBS SportsNetwork, respectively.
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    Bradley takes on A.J. Green in Cedar Falls tonight in ESPNU.
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    Vote Courtney in volleyball

    Courtney Pence is in the mix for the "Senior Class Award" in volleyball. You can vote (I believe one vote per device)at
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    Fed Court upholds Transfer Sit-out rule

    Yesterday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit (headquartered in Chicago) upheld the NCAA rule requiring transfers to sit out a season before being eligible on their new team. I'm posting it on the football board because the case that went up to the Seventh Circuit was brought by...
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    O'Shaughnessy today

    Featured on a crunching block during Jacksonville's first series today.
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    R.I.P. Keith Jackson

    Whoa Nellie! First play-by-play announcer of Monday Night Football.
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    R.I.P. Dick Enberg

    Died at age 82. Play-by-play voice of college basketball on TV during late 70s and early 80s. Also called Rose Bowls and other big time sporting events.
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    No protective boot on David tonight, but unlikely that he is ready to play.......he is not participating in pregame drills.
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    UNI ads during IHSA playoffs

    FWIW, I am watching IHSA football championships on NBC Sports-Chicago, and Univ. of Northern Iowa has bought ad time; I wonder if State Your Passion gave any consideration to the opportunity.
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    Valley Player of the Week: Kewshawn

    I don't know if this was mentioned in an individual post under a different thread, but this award comes as no surprise.
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    What does retired number mean?

    Among the Redbirds football greats who have been honored by having their uniform number retired are Bill Nelson (#72), Estus Hood (#8) and Mike Prior (#15). On this year's roster redshirt freshman OL Garrett Hirsch is #72 and redshirt freshman RB Jordan Birch is #8. A couple of seasons ago...
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    David Cason

    This week, David Cason was hired as an Assistant at FGCU
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