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    Brian Reese

    I remember the old Shannigan's in downtown Bloomington - spent many nights there in the Summer of 1982 - then on weekends during the 82-83 school year. Also, went down the street to Big Rudy's a time or too. Took classes the Summer of 82 and worked part-time at Kmart.
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    Letter to the AD

    I think it was a Good letter. Direct, concise, and right on target. There is nothing in that letter that someone can argue with. Good Job.
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    2021 MVC Transfers

    I believe Kyle Cartmill hit a big time 3 in the last minute of the game versus Pacific made the difference. That game was at 11:00 am on a Sunday.
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    Could have three Valley teams in the Final Four.
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    Offered/Committed Elsewhere Zach Cleveland, 6-7, PF, Normal Community

    I work with his Dad - said that Brian Jones has a son, who plays on the same team. But, told me Zach is getting attention from a lot of schools and expects to have more offers. I asked if most of these coaches are talking to the parents or just Zach - not many are talking with the parents...
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    Offered/Committed Elsewhere Zach Cleveland, 6-7, PF, Normal Community

    His mother, Marla is in the ISU Hall of Fame. His sister is an All-Big Ten Volleyball player at Purdue.
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    Benson: Transfer Portal Article

    I would disagree with Benson. I do not understand how that many players wanting to transfer is anything but a disaster?? It is becoming a turbo-charged revolving door. How does a team build continuity and team chemistry??? Answer - it cannot, when so many players turnover. NCAA is becoming...
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    President Search

    I just listened to the segment. What an embarrassment that Grad Student was. Very disrespectful, use of profanity in a professional meeting, poor grammar, poor understanding of the situation, and most of his rant was off-topic. Any future employer of that person, were to listen to that...
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    Porter to Oklahoma

    Well, Porter going to Oklahoma - how about that. Not only a step up in programs, but a definite decrease in tax rates, all across the board between Hellinois to Oklahoma. Any change Loyola comes knocking on Muller's door???
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    Archie gone at IU........

    Well, Indiana had no problem with paying Archie Miller $10 million to leave after under achieving for 4 years. But, our administration cannot figure out $1.5 million after 4 straight years of unsatisfactory performance, which was preceded with one good year, but all ending in disappointment...
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    Redbird vs USD game thread

    ISU did offer - there is even a picture of Carson with an Redbird uniform on Facebook. Playing time was the issue.
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    ISU vs Bradley--The History

    Ole games versus PU BU - back then the BU student section was called the Tomahawk Gang - besides Donald Reese and David Thirdkill - do not forget about Mitchell "JJ" Anderson, Barney Mines or Voise Winters. That MVC tourney game at Robertson - Mark Zwart was unbelievable - best game of his...
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    Week one predictions

    Oh, isn't this precious from Coach Petrino - tweeting - That the Coaches and staff worked hard clearing the field on Friday so they could hold practice. Yeah, I guess the field is not safe to play on for a game on Saturday, but good enough to hold practice on Friday.
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    Uni vs SDSU

    I only saw the fourth quarter - wife interference when it is not the Redbirds. Yes, both defenses looked fairly stout. UNI WR #13 and SDSU tight end #87 - are difference makers on offense for each team.
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    Week one predictions

    Feel free to email the MVFC to voice your displeasure - and Inexcusable. I would be willing to bet Petrino did not even hold practices for most of this week.
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    Week one predictions

    Patty continues to show what an inept Commissioner she is. Randy ought to have an article in Sunday's Pantagraph with that picture and point what a crock of crap both Mo State Football and the MVFC has become.
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    WJBC News - ignores Redbird win over Bradley

    Well, listening to the 5:30 news cast this morning while getting ready for work - no mention in the beginning, Ok. Then in the Sports segment - they not only did not play any highlights of the broadcast, but did not even mention the score. So much for being the Flagship station of ISU Sports...
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    How in the heck can a QB gain confidence with his passing game when the coaching staff shows no confidence. This is demonstrated by the type of pass plays called and the lack of them. That sounds an extremely strong message to the QB. So, until the coaching staff shows confidence, I do not...
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    The MVC is a bottom feeder League

    There is no way the Valley is a bottom feeder league. However, it is and will continue to struggle until there is someway to align football and basketball. A primary reason the Big East broke up a number of years ago - teams fled to the ACC.
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    Betty Presley

    Very sad - I saw her plenty of times at Ironwood and at Redbird Arena. But, we can take comfort in that she is in a better place.
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