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    Chatman - Officially gone?

    Interesting to say the least - “Sy Chatman's name is still in the portal, although Muller said the 6-foot-8 forward could return.“
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    The Big Dance

    $282,000(x6 years) = $1.692M/10= $169,200 per team 2019 per NCAA compensation unit, so I’d say that’s already $338,400 in unplanned revenue over next 6 years for Redbirds from 2nd team in and 1 win. Let’s go Loyola( at least for one game😉) and Drake.
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    Redbird Football at #3 N. Iowa

    UNI doing good job of bringing enough pressure, passing game hasn’t shown much. They’ve got to call Jefferson’s number. Fake into line and go qb counter or naked bootleg. Everybody talks about how good a runner he is, yet we never design a play for him to run???
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    Redbird Football at #3 N. Iowa

    Throwing into the flat in the shadow of your own goal line didn’t work for UNI any better than the Birds last weekend. No way the risk Vs. Reward makes sense.
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    Redbirds vs Northern Iowa 3/4 8:08pm MVC Tournament

    Ultimately yeah, the HC is responsible for recruiting and retaining the players he needs for the team to succeed; and as a teacher/coach working with 18-22 year olds, should be the first guy accepting blame for loses and giving credit to players for success.
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    Redbirds vs Northern Iowa 3/4 8:08pm MVC Tournament

    Best draw the Birds could have received playing UNI, next would come Drake and then SWMSU. I honestly think that the Birds could win any of those games, a reflection more on the Valley’s lack of top to bottom strength than anything. Other than Phyfe, UNI doesnt have anybody over 6’6” that they...
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    Fisher says “Bye!”

    Agree/Disagree with Jammin( what else is new), Fisher would have been better at the 5 than anyone we have this season(he was better at the 5 than anybody last year, but was wasted playing/defending the 5, when he would have brought so much more playing an actual power 4 position( which hasn’t...
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    Redbirds v Northern Iowa 2/27 5:00 PM CBSSN

    After sitting in the 50 degree sunshine and watching the FB Birds self distruct, I didn’t have the strength to comment last night. 3 things stuck out to me in the MBB game; 1) the Birds tried to play man defense for really the first time since the first couple games of season-unfortunately they...
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    For those that have forgotten, Fisher played the 5 spot in the 4 guard offense almost exclusively last year and basically split time w/Rey. IMO a true 4, he played the entire last season out of position and still, IMO was the best player the Birds had. Always thought he had a bit of an attitude...
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    Redbirds v Southern Illinois 2/14 3:00 PM ESPN3

    Pretty simple, Birds 4-22 from 3 points today. Live by the 3, die by the 3. A more balanced offensive scheme would also create more than 6 FT for the game. The problem is that even when they finally put Dusan and Abdou on the floor together at the end, they didn’t change the offensive set. SIU...
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    Redbirds v Southern Illinois 2/13 3:00 PM ESPN3

    Happy that the Birds played well, have actually given some different defensIve looks during game today 👍. That being said, the bottom half of the Valley isn’t great and “being competitive/playing better“ is largely dependent on who they are playing so while I will take the opportunity to enjoy...
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    Redbirds v Missouri State 2/7 2:00 PM Marquee (ESPN3)

    Only shooting 3 FT in a half means the Birds aren’t getting to the basket.
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    Redbirds v Missouri State 2/7 2:00 PM Marquee (ESPN3)

    Depends on the approach. Like yesterday, don‘t try to play transition game. Same goes for trying to play much man, but give them some different zone looks, they were getting better shots on baseline by end of game yesterday. They need to shoot FT like they did yesterday(71%) and out rebound MSU...
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    Redbirds v Missouri State 2/6 2:00 PM ESPN3

    Last season, I thought they had the players to win games against any Valley team but didn’t effectively use them. I disagree that players gprior to 3 years ago generally didn’t provide effort, but clearly there were some guys you could put in that category. I can’t say this season that I think...
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    Redbirds v Missouri State 2/6 2:00 PM ESPN3

    Actually, I’ve seen many games where the defensive effort just wasn’t there(feel free to blame the players, the coaches or both), so effort is an improvement and it is common for young players coming into D1 not to understand the level of defensive effort necessary to be competitive. Consistent...
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    Redbirds v Missouri State 2/6 2:00 PM ESPN3

    Credit where due-the Birds shot 71% from the line, out rebounded (SW)MSU 37-31 including 5 more OR than MSU. They only had 3 more TO than Bears, but the Bears got 15 points of TO vs 6 for Birds. happy that the Birds have been more competitive in some recent games & happy w/ improved defensive...
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    Former Redbirds...

    The big benefit for Rey at Tulsa are 1) more minutes, 2) playing consistently with another 4/5 on the floor, which also helps with defensive matchups and 3) playing in an offense that has him closer to the hoop. Last year he should have been on the floor more, should have been on the floor with...
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    Redbirds @ #25 Drake 2/1 6:00 PM ESPN3

    So both teams had to play two days in a row- and while we were pleasantly surprised with yesterday, today was unfortunately “what we expected”. Yesterday, the aggressive 2/3 look created problems for the Drake perimeter. Today, they’d seen it, played against it and had time to address...
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    Redbirds @ Drake 1/31 2:00 PM ESPN3

    Hey, the Birds are in the game. They played a little man defense but Dusan got no help and Brodie destroyed it. 2/3 Zone covered the base line better-actually held up pretty well. Hemphill being out gave us the ability to play with smaller lineup, question will be what happens with him back on...
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    Let the Young Kids play

    Watched Drake-(SW)MSU last night. After long layoff, Drake’s comeback fueled by their defense was impressive. I also came away wondering if (SW)Missouri State isnt In the top 3. Next couple of weekends look to be difficult match ups for the Redbirds.
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