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    What happened to the INSU game threads?

    What happened to the INSU game threads?
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    Francis Okoro receiving interest from the following programs: Any chance he has a high school girlfriend going to ISU? 👍
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    Samford transfer Robert Allen make’s decision on Tuesday

    Per Benson/Jon Rothstein- Samford transfer Robert Allen tells me he will make his decision on Tuesday. Final List: Ole Miss Mississippi State Illinois State New Mexico 6’8”/ 200 lbs -avg = 33mpg : 14pt 10Rb Best comparison w Redbirds On 11/11, they lost to Belmont 63-95. Allen played 37...
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    CHASTAIN AND BRUNINGA END PLAYING CAREERS Nothing but respect and thanks to both of these young gentlemen. Thanks for your efforts and good luck in your future endeavors.
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    Hate Northern Iowa- but love the video
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    +/- Analytics Questions

    I've had a couple of questions raised about the +/- game analytics that I've posted. First, as I noted the first time I posted these, some of the calculation is still done manually, so I apologized in advance for any unintended errors. I don’t know of anywhere to get this - I wanted to...
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    ISU vs Loyola of Chi. 2/19

    OK, time to put the last one behind and take a look at last ISU/LOY game and talk about what we might expect or hope for below is +/- analytics on game #1. What stands out to me in this game is that Hillsman played only 4 minutes in the #3 spot and Fisher didn't play at all in the #4 spot. All...
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    SIU GAME 1/25

    Ok, after doing the +/- for UNI Game posted in Bradley thread, I decided to do the first SIU game, to see if we might be able to learn anything going into tomorrow. So first thing that obviously jumps out is the +7 with five guards on the floor(but they were up 20 with 4 minutes to go when that...
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