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    Joe Pleasant, 6'8/220, PF, Abilene Christian

    I wouldn't mind adding him.
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    2021 MVC Transfers

    Well, maybe we can get him next year when he transfers.
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    Committed Elsewhere Noah Gurley, 6-8 210, F, Furman

    He would have been a nice addition
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    Offered/Committed Elsewhere Saint Thomas, 6-6/200, SF, Omaha, NE

    I would love to have him but next year's team is gonna need an influx of transfers.
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    2021 MVC Transfers

    Does the sit two year rule still exist for transferring within MVC?
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    Transfer Interest

    It is our turn to take one from Oregon.
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    Brian Waddell, 6-7, SF, Carmel, IN

    Picked up offer from Purdue
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    Chris Payton, 6-7/205, SF, Bloomington, IL (JUCO)

    My original post was him just showing pride in baskets schools and players. Made me think he is choosing a valley school as his next destination. 🤞
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    Cody Deen, 5-9/160,PG, Panola College (JUCO)

    Looks like he has high major talent in a mid major body. I will take these types all day
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    Tahirou Diabete, 6’9 225, Portland grad tran

    Does look like he likes to get rebounds though. Plus he didn't shoot the three ball so he "should" play down low.
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    Tahirou Diabete, 6’9 225, Portland grad tran

    Plus he can't make free throws
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    2021 MVC Transfers

    Give me some Liam Robbins
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    Who you got?

    Wow Baylor was 7 of 12 from deep. Hard to believe they are only up 10
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    Benson: Transfer Portal Article

    I agree with this. I think he rolled the dice and it didn't work out. I think the transfers as it is this year needs to stop. The problem is it can be good for some of the players but it is bad for the game in general. Of course my opinion could be based on being an ISU fan. I was hoping...
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    Who you got?

    I have the zags but boy Baylor is looking tough to beat on the boards.
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    Benson: Transfer Portal Article

    We aren't defending Dan. We just don't want every thread to be about him. Why can't you comprehend that?
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    Benson: Transfer Portal Article

    Did you read what birdfriend72 was quoting? Good lord. Not every thread has to be about Dan. The dude lives rent free in all your heads. If you want him gone then get together and do a buyout fund. If you don't want to do that then shut up.
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    Benson: Transfer Portal Article

    You were the one blaming Dan and the ad. I simply pointed out that there are many other schools having transfers. Over 1200 so far. Rico was taking about how this is destroying college basketball. You bring back to Dan so I assume you are blaming him for the 1200+ in the transfer portal.
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    Benson: Transfer Portal Article

    Except ISU isn't the only school having guys transfer out. Try to seperate your Dan hate from what is being discussed. Unless it course you believe Dan is the reason players are transferring from all other schools. Even winning programs have transfers.
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