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    Off-Coord choice (or should I say choices)

    Just saw this...........
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    Are you ready for some football?

    FCS Spring Playoffs, not very fair to the best teams, by picking 11 conference champs, some would be middle of the pack or lower in the MVFC. Only 5 at large teams, maybe two from MVFC. Every game is a playoff game... 🏈 ☃
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    Are you ready for some football?

    Yes I was at these games!!! South Dakota punter kicked a ball that caught the wind and went backwards, LOL!!!! ND State game was harder to sit thru, it was cold blowing rain that turned into Snow.....
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    Are you ready for some football?

    Tomorrows announcement February at Hancock.............:coffee:🥶☃⛄❄
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    The List so far 2021

    Highly regarded from Hero Sports, Was just checking out Tommy!!!! Duel Threat!!! Redbirds have a QB class coming in...........
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    How much would you spend to watch Missouri St. vs Oklahoma on pay per view?

    Horrible Game Bears, but the school was paid well...
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    James Robinson

    And Halftime at Hancock is much better than a Bears game. It's a boring bunch of dead air. Going back now to the 60's, the NFL had halftime entertainment, Bands & Cheerleaders, and shown on TV. Now it's just the suits talking, giving us their political lecture........
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    The List so far 2021

    Was just watching highlights, can move around the pocket, throws the ball accurately on the run............ And runs with the ball........ YES Welcome!!!!
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    NCAA realignment

    16 team playoff, give them bowl games, more interest will be generated, bowl games with filled stadiums...😁
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    How much would you spend to watch Missouri St. vs Oklahoma on pay per view?

    A replay will be available on utube a couple of days later.........
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    Fall Games ?

    UCA has a full schedule
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    Not done yet...

    Missouri State playing 3 games, something to watch this fall, home and home with Central Arkansas...
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    Not done yet...

    Dixie State just canceled their Fall season...
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    Spring 2021 Football

    Wait.............what about non-conference for the Fall? Eastern & Dixie State(they could change the date as most of their games are canceled). Then Schedule a money game with FBS? This would be good for the players/coaches/schools. And Fans.......
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    Big Sky and Pioneer won't play

    Have a MVFC schedule, with the top two teams playing a championship game... Noncon games still on, are ok to play....
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