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    Welcome Ty Pence!

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    John Kinziger commits!

    Welcome John! I like this kind of player that know how to use screens and shoot. The fact he is a winner is an added plus.
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    Muller in panty today

    Adam Emmenecker is my favorite valley announcer. I would love for Dan to do the ISU games. As said before he is a good man. He couldn't adjust to the new college coaching game but that won't affect him being a color man.
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    Muller in panty today

    Good for him and I think he would make an excellent TV announcer. He is right that the game has changed.
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    Alston Andrews Returns?

    Alston looked much improved this year when he got into games. He seemed to bring a spark. Here is hoping the new staff can tap into some of that potential.
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    '22-'23 Roster

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    Welcome Joe Petrakis!

    i like
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    Reeves in transfer portal, Birds need to get busy.

    I was wondering that same thing
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    Josiah Strong Gone

    I was hoping he would come back. I really liked Strong.
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    '22-'23 Roster

    Gotta be honest, I am really liking our backcourt. Those guys all have the ability to go off on any given night. I think Poindexter is gonna surprise some people. Need a couple bigs and a reserve pg.
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    Boom - Knight commits

    Another guy that can fill it up and has some size. I am wondering if we don't go small with Lewis and McChesney is front and Knight on the wing.
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    '22-'23 Roster

    Tweet is gone. What did it say
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    '22-'23 Roster

    I bet the twins will be right behind him.
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