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    Spring 2021 Football

    with the possible exception of Liberty, who managed to keep three guarantee power-5 games (at North Carolina State, at Syracuse, at Virginia Tech), it is going to be a tough go currently, the only non-conference (on their current schedule) opponent Kansas could still play at home is Southern...
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    UConn Football Announces Cancellation Of 2020 Season Due To Risks Associated With COVID-19 the cynic in me also thinks that since they are losing four big paydays (at Illinois, at Mississippi, at North Carolina, at Virginia), the now independent (in...
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    Next year’s Non-conference schedule

    1/4 million anticipated at the Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally this week; it will be interesting to see what cause/effect fallout may/not come out of that. no/any/every body is some sort of expert - and more often than not are willing to express it. There is no consensus on athletics starting...
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    Next year’s Non-conference schedule

    So, are these where we stand as of now (please correct) HOME Alabama-Birmingham Georgia Southern Northern Kentucky (deferred/postponed) Texas-San Antonio NEUTRAL Purdue Clemson or Mississippi State ROAD Ball State Wisconsin-Milwaukee ???? (unconfirmed per Valley Hoops Insider) Murray State...
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    Next year’s Non-conference schedule

    Previously got two non-conference home games from this tournament (2011-12 vs Lipscomb and Southern Illinois-Edwardsville; 2015-16 vs Houston Baptist and South Dakota State) rather than just one. Wonder if the pandemic had something to do with that. On the other hand, the Jackrabbits did put...
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    Lawrence instead of Urbana-Champaign?

    Long noted that KU and the Big XII Conference remained focused on fielding “a full non-conference and conference football schedule this fall.” “We have begun exploring all opportunities to fill the opening on our schedule that was created by New Hampshire and will provide an update when...
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    Lawrence instead of Urbana-Champaign?

    KU may also be the lesser opponent
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    Lawrence instead of Urbana-Champaign?

    with the CAA, Ivy, MEAC & Patriot either postponing (until the Spring) or canceling football, there are a few FBS schools looking to fill that weekend: Appalachian State, Army, Ball State, Kansas, Northern Illinois, Ohio, Western Michigan I am sure the list will change by the day Oh, and...
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    Lawrence instead of Urbana-Champaign?

    New Hampshire cancels fall sports seasons, leaves KU football looking for new first-week foe
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    Next year’s Non-conference schedule

    Hard to know what the next day, week or month will bring (let alone six) with this storyline; let decisions on the fall sports be made first and monitor accordingly.
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    Next year’s Non-conference schedule

    OR, it may be as simple as fewer universities are deciding to commit paying out that kind of money/teams coming in from greater distances until the CoViD-19 storyline stabilizes in a positive direction. There are reports of more colleges playing h/h or 2/1 with closer proximity schools that...
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    10 thoughts: What's next for Missouri State basketball as it heads into the 2020 offseason? Agree (or not) with the article, this is the kind of approach/content I would like to see in the Pantagraph with a bit more frequency.
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    3-5/6:00PM - ISU v DU (MVC Opening Round)

    Here we go - can't win four without winning one (just threw that in to jump start jammin). Be interesting to see if Fisher will play and, if so, how effective and for how long. Boyd would be nice if we need some quick offense (assuming he is on). The unknowns have me with a very slight lean...
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    2-29/1:00 PM - ISU @ UE [ESPN3] - battle of the conference cellar dwellers

    Appropriate this game falls on leap day. Once every four years is too often. Evansville trying to avoid a winless conference season on their Senior Day. No matter what any of us may think of our season, it is hard to fathom it is worse than the Purple Aces. Going from being the toast of the...
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    2/22 - Senior Day - DU @ ISU [MVC-TV]

    Redbirds win a close one. Jamar/Rico/Trey, in unison, all proceed to quote Tripper Harrison (Meatballs) - "it just doesn't matter". Then (much like a Spinal Tap drummer) all three simultaneously combust, leaving nothing but little green globules on our collective screens. If nothing else, I...
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