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    Buffalo @ Cancun

    Could be worse, you could be a Lions fan like me....
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    I'll take the win, it wasn't pretty and it should have been better, but I'll take the win. The Good: --Mark Freeman showed up big time in this game, and I like what I saw from him. He is very quick, and I love the pull up jumper. He keeps bring this it will be a fun year watching him and...
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    Murray State

    I want to live in that dream too..
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    Chris Collins?

    I personally wouldn't touch Jans, Gillespie, or Marshall with a 10ft pole. They are bombs waiting to explode, but I know there are those both in the fanbase and administration who wouldn't care about that if they thought these guys could win some games for ISU. Are there others that can win...
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    Murray State

    I think the problem with the dribbling is our offensive scheme often keeps him from using that dribble/quickness to go towards the basket. When he does rarely do we get a turn over, might miss a shot or get blocked on a layup or something, but rarely a turn over. When he start dribbling around...
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    Chris Collins?

    I wouldn't take Jans because I think his off the court stuff will get him in trouble, and it would be like hiring a ticking timebomb. At this point I would say the same about Gillespie that was suggested above. They can coach for sure, but it almost feels like a matter of time before they have...
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    Murray State

    Didn't get to go in person as I was under the weather, but here is what I saw from TV: --Our offense looks no different than it has in recent years. We dribble too much around the top, try to play 1x1 ball a lot and then jack up a garbage shot at some point. Sometimes it goes in, more times...
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    Average Attendance

    I would say that 2642 felt right. Looking around the stadium from where I was sitting there were a lot of empty seats. I might have guessed around 3k, but wouldn't have gone any higher than that honestly.
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    Was good to be back in the arena again, even if not in my usual seats. Glad to get the win, though it was ugly for much of it. --Reeves looks not only more polished overall but more confident on both ends of the floor. --I thought Freeman was way too amped up in the first half and forced a...
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    Future Schedule

    It was Makur Maker who committed in 2020, but their season got canceled so he didn't get to showcase himself and pulled himself out of the draft. He chose to play pro somewhere else rather than return to Howard.
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    NIL and the Redbirds

    While technically against the rules something like this was likely already happening and it would take an in depth investigation to figure out and most schools investigate themselves, so... That said schools already technically can give money to athlete directly under the guise of education...
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    Reeves declares for draft

    If he doesn't pull his name out he is foregoing his eligibility regardless of his draft status, I believe. I know the NCAA proposed a rule change in 2018 that would allow a player to return if he was not drafted, by telling the AD the Monday after the draft, however if I'm not mistaken it...
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    Supreme Court Rules Against NCAA Athlete Pay Limitations

    It sounds like this ruling will keep them as students, as the ruling says that the funds they can give athletes is unlimited towards their education, meaning that the big dollars they give out will have to be under the guise of 100k housing stipends, cars to get to and from campus and such...
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    Offered/Committed Elsewhere Zach Cleveland, 6-7, PF, Normal Community

    I'd argue that they are relatively the same. Liberty had a higher win total in the year that COVID killed, but they played a Jank schedule all year. Belmont won 26 that year, and would have also made the NCAA tourney. The only difference is Liberty made it last year, Belmont didn't, but that...
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    Offered/Committed Elsewhere Zach Cleveland, 6-7, PF, Normal Community

    I mean based on those qualifications im a little surprised he chose Liberty over Belmont.
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