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    Recruiting advice from a 1st round pick . . .

    moooorrreeee guards..need 20 of them
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    EIU Mid-America Classic

    good to see all the season ticket holders not at the game... means when I fly in more seats to pick from
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    Valpo Home Opener

    Oh stop
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    It's raining 3's

    The Redbirds are going to be up and down that court so much you're going to make the RedBirds hockey game look slow. No need for the defense chat. Pass, dribble, past and shoot then repeat 50 times or more.
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    Blue Ribbon predictions

    Boring?? Going to have to put up 30+ 3's just to be close in the game.
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    Valpo Home Opener

    I give the team performance a c minus, I give season ticket holders showing up a D- maybe in a
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    Valpo Home Opener

    good to see so many season ticket holders raking the lawn and not showing up....again.
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    Brock Spack show

    Why was there no show on FB thursday?
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    The mvc is one addition away from being a playin league. We might as well add what add U of I Springfield and get it done and truly pushes mvc to a bottom feeder play in league. You wonder why Conference USA wanted to add Illinois state is wary over the basketball program. Same with the AAC. Can...
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    2022 MVC Transfer Portal Tracker

    Thank the Lord that the rest of the programs at ISU are leveling up not going down
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    2022 MVC Transfer Portal Tracker

    Lower the bar just another 2 steps..mvc is moving itself to a play in league.
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    What week is it?

    Maybe not but those schools love the millions in payments and recruiting arm that it lends to be on national TV year after year
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    ISU announces new tailgating area - Redbird Row

    Next step to bigger things
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    When they gel..

    By what a number of you have said and what little video I have seen, this team could be something special when they gel hopefully they gel right away. Go you damn Redbirds and win this game👍
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    Fall dilemma

    My working hypothesis that the locals would have a major Dilemma on their hands if Illinois State went to a FBS conference. At this point and time they can rake their yard and do things and they don't care if they go to the football game, but if ISU joined the AAC or Conference USA, they would...
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