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    I hate to compliment anything from Florida but way to go, Jacksonville State.

    I have never been a fan of the state of Florida (historical family issues) but it takes great strength to praise JMU in defeating the most gawd awful university in that state. JMU did it in HIGH FASHION and the FSU cheerleaders' reaction was perfection. I was hoping for a Redbirds upset...
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    Man...Hockey is still just doing all the right things to display that a Redbird team....reaches out.

    Facebook....yeah...I thrive on fb until lsomething better comes along. I am amazed how well ISU reps itself via the various groups to show that the Redbirds do have what it takes to look superb. I have to credit who ever creates these posts with pics from the various groups that I love to keep...
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    Valley Tournament

    Was this COVID championship handled properly? I do not like how I have read how things occurred. In truth I do not care....but in many teams made it to post season?
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    Impressive hire! I wish AD Brennan the best. Go BIRDS What I like....a Pac10 guy!....seems to support all sports....I am ready for a new vision statement.
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    Snazzy new look

    Beautiful transition to a new set up. I LOVE THE TROPHIES!! I like shiny trophies or the see through kind.
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    Summa Cum Laude - the Highest Honor!!!!

    Love Redbird alumni!
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    Club Teams....NCBA....along with hockey....

    I am getting to the point of knowing club team ISU members better than non-club... Besides the current season ending club teams just have better support staff than our regular sanctioned teams? Do I learn more about club teams because they use facebook as a platform instead of...
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    IS IT TRUE? TPGuy...

    made so much money this week that he is financing the IPF Indoor Practice Facilty???!!!!!
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    Name the New Sophomore Home...2022

    Name the new dorm....?? Historically aren't the dormitories named after VicePresidents? Or just the houses of WattersonT? From the pic it appears to have several sections...(houses, again?). VicePrez? It would be nice if PenceHell would be a name....THUS there would be a new place to relieve...
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    Name the New Sophomore Home...2022
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    September 4th....

    A Friday night Redbird game. I am ready. I should be living in Champaign Urbana by then...and I stumbled on some fb conversations following the Redbox game. As much Red Koolaid I drink and become Bird Intoxicated...I am glad Orange Crush does not affect me. This website definitely contains...
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    Educate Thyself....will the roof hold at RA....Dec16&19?

    Education week for the Redbirds with two collections of grade school students attacking RA and providing a hopeful scream worthy atmosphere. REDBIRDS 6-2. Monday, the Birds face SIUE. SIUE has had an impressive schedule....losing by 40 to SIU, Then Defeating Evansville. Recently SIUE lost by 13...
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    Thank you, Coach Gillespie!!! WE ARE BACK!

    It hurt when I decided to stop going to Redbird women's basketball games. It hurt even more when the Redbird annual games with the ILLINI stopped. East and central IL women's basketball took such a downturn that I still wonder what the real reason both the ILLINI and the REDBIRDS suffered so...
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    REDBIRDS visit da Farm....2PM Saturday...

    Who all will be showing the Birds support against the Illini?
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    Politically biased ads?

    Politically biased ads supporting our (quinnie's) site? "Trump debunked another Obama era...." "Trump is on a roll..." I do not wish any headaches, quinnie...but the ad sparked enough concern for me.....that I had state something...
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